Does this thing work?

I have been looking over this website for several days now and despite being an observant and intelligent person, I am confused because there is a load of information, it is disorganized and dated several years old for the most part, and (no offense) it is hard to understand most of the posts because of the rough English.

So since no one uses the FFA anymore, does the FFZ or the FFV work? The ONLY reason I am even contemplating spending $1500 is because it was done at the Ritz and it was done by those students back in the 70’s, so it can be done. I DO understand that this won’t immediately make me lots of money but I am also not interested in gambling, this is a financial investment for me and it needs to pay off or it will be a huge waste.

I have been in contact with Steve (or Stefano) or whatever his name is and the whole scamming nature of these roulette computers and the infighting amongst the makers of them is very discouraging and makes me not believe they work.

How much money are people making?

What is the realistic advantage and on what kind of wheel?

If this works, why would anyone be doing anything else? Why do some of you still have jobs if this works? Doesn’t make sense.

The videos don’t seem to make sense either. Forester, you say the light flashes (in the demo) when the ball is over the correct number, but it doesn’t do this in the videos I have seen. I do not understand the purpose of the videos.

Basically, I see lots of information, it is difficult to read, difficult to follow, and I am uncertain about what this device can do and have no idea how it is supposed to work.

First thing first. RC works. Second. You have to determine if you can use one. For that you have to be able to predict without computer. If you cant do it without RC, it won’t help you. RC is a tool, not the ultimate solution. Subscribe to vb2 section of forum. Read and practice. When you are able to winn by vb, you can grab yourself RC, if you decide you need one.
Or you can buy RC, but treat it as future investment, don’t go to casino to play your life savings, keep betts on paper till you are good as a player.

The videos do not seem to make sense either. Forester, you say the light flashes (in the demo) when the ball is over the correct number, but it does not do this in the videos I have seen. I do not understand the purpose of the videos.

@ Julius
I do not make videos to impress people, it is impossible without publishing only selected videos. All videos I made are only to explain how to use functions of RC.
You may be confused because flashes of light what you see do not predict final number where the ball stops but the position where the ball is expected to drop. If ball jump is included in prediction then in video you will see nothing that is important.
Who told you everybody has to work?
FFA is also used, but the other RCs are used more simply because they are more practical in real environment then talking computers as the FFA. For that reason past few months, we working more on software for them.

Sergey also gave you an nice explanation. In usual people are manipulated watching unrealistic videos making them believe winning from casinos is easy. It is not.
According to survey we did from all users of RC’s only ~ 30% claim to be Ok with RC.
Rest for whatever reason are struggling. There are wheels I couldn’t have any advantage on them until recent with new the Acrobat 3 software, which is still progressing in development.
Also 100% said the RC is good, works as expected and that they didn’t come across better one. Only one person claimed if he comes across better one that he wouldn’t let us know.

The Acrobat 3 software is full of features important in various conditions.
On top of ability to predict in any moment during the spin and to have multiple predictions the system calculates probabilities of different ball jumps based on ball and rotor speed and position of ball drop. It has added “magic ball clocking”.

The player can clock different amount of ball rotations as one and the system will still predict ok.
It has magic rotor clocking, sometimes if winning rapidly dealers can throw short spins where there is not enough time to clock rotor and the ball especially if the rotor is slow. The player has option on the fly to clock rotor or not. If not the system uses past rotor data to predict. It is valid on slow rotor speeds. Without any additional settings he can play spin with rotor clocked or not the system simply recognises it.
There is another the most important feature which we currently working on it, but it is not for the public.
Good luck in your research.

if you sell it probably not work. why?

and it legal where? excus english

Don’t worry we make it only for experiments.