Does deceleration pattern affect the drop point

I have a problem at one wheel. Since ı have been banned from one of the casino ı was looking for a tilted wheel across the other casinos and ı found one wheel but when ı go to observe it sometimes ı see that most of the time ball drops freely(no deflector hit) from 6-9 position sometimes it hits commonly to 3 o’clock deflector. I looked whether it has any difference with clockwise/ anticlockwise wheel rotation and ı see sometimes drop point is shifting. Since ıve been playing at that wheel ım on a good profit side but its challenging for me.but the most interesting thing that ı observe is with some dealers ball drop point tends to be stable but with some other dealers it is not. My question is whether this shift is from dealers spin style( so the deceleration pattern) or from the wheel’s own expression( might be leveled ?) what are your opinions?

Don’t see how the dealer could cause the ball to drop at different point. The ball drops when the speed drops.
Maybe you notice it as a dealer but it could be more people at the table wobbling it. Some wheels are equipped with devices to change tilt. It reduces need for leveling it.

I remember years back the wheel has 90% hits to one diamond for more than 20 spins, but when I come back after 2-3 hours it was levelled. I have no idea how it could happened.

Here are three main reasons can be - wheel can have auto leveling system ( very rare ), or tilt have reason - some dust, or dirtiness in some particular place on the wheel. Somebody somehow cleaned, ( sometimes simply ball can push out ) and wheel can change drastically. ( this reason have most chances ).
And third reason - can be simply disperssion…we usualy more good remember what we want to see.
This is why when we observe wheel all looks for us much better than , when we start to play…