Does anyone actually play VB here?

I know a lot of people here like talking about VB, comparing methods, arguing over the different moot points, blah blah blah. But is anyone here actually hitting casinos and grinding out hours on different wheels, using unassisted VB? For real?

I have a couple questions that I would like to discuss and would rather not discuss it on the forum for two specific reasons that are pointless to get into. Questions regarding casino conditions I have been encountering during actual play. Unfortunately, getting a straight answer on forum is often impossible.
Would prefer to talk to non RC players using VB, and ideally those familiar with playing a single DD/Pin game at length.

Davey, is not on different wheels, finding the right wheel is an important part of the play.
VB is a bad name for what really players do…And your question is bad - to play and to win -are different things… :slight_smile:

I think you must understand that such is natural…

I know one man with which I would like to talk because I saw how well he wins and for me absolutely without difference how he wins and what he uses for that VB RC DS or some other letter combination :slight_smile: .
At all I think that you understand - players who can win are really only a few in the world…and no matter what he uses directly in the game - partner, or partners, or some device, or partners with devices…
How is it, in reality, nobody will say…not will say even about real results…and that is natural - why for the winner that many other peoples will know that he can win ???
In this game very much what is temporary - the player must know how to react to different changes and know many many things and have many many abilities… For example in my understanding player must be almost - a programmer… and with a quite big knowledge of some math part…

Jeez dude, a simple “No” would suffice. I’m literally just looking to talk to someone who’s actually going to casinos and playing with actual experience on the physics side. Based on your answer, like many forum people, you like to talk more than you like to play. Not interested in your convoluted, cryptic and semantical non-answers, thanks.

I would really appreciate to hear from someone with actual experience please.

Davey - we know each other for a long time. You know that I am a player …as a minimum in poker :slight_smile:

Firstly question stands for why I talk this way. Secondly, question why you nothing understood. You left the forum 10 years back, now return with some pretenses that somebody here talks not what you want. You have the ability to leave the forum if you something not like

Maybe better if you himself can demonstrate your experience first? Now you here are a guest after 10 years of absence…
This is not a holy maiden school where you will be greeted with smiles and taught how to beat the casino.
Welcome to the real world. If you want to win, you have to get used to some less than polite dialogue.
If you have other goals - also get used to cheeky answers.

Dude, I was just asking to have a conversation with someone in private. Quit acting like you have the monopoly on conversation around here. I’m not jumping through your stupid hoops.

Looks like I’m DM’ing Snowman.

All possible :slight_smile:

You wanted to have a conversation in private but wrote in a forum … you have nothing mixed?
When I want a conversation in private - I do that in private, you started in the forum, and now in some, you are not happy…

You again mix - the forum is for all and me are one of these all…And I answered your post - that is a common procedure in forums…where is the problem?
What are you unhappy about?

I asked publicly because I don’t think anyone here is actually playing, and I was willing to give the benefit of the doubt. I asked publicly because I don’t know who’s still active here.

Anyway, I don’t believe you are playing. I think you just like to hear yourself talk. It’s evident in every thread you’re involved in.

If anyone else actually is playing, DM me. I’d prefer to actually discuss my situation with another AP. Thanks

So you are AP ? Nice at least one AP :slight_smile:
It’s a good thing you didn’t declare yourself the messiah… :slight_smile: