Do you know this wheel?

What wheel is shown in this clip between 8th and 11th second:

Any guess about its manufacturer or properties are welcome.

It is the wheel used by the only casino company which exists in this country:

Its a B&G (Bourgogne et Grasset) wheel. They can actually spin the ball around 40 ball revoloutions on this type with the right ball type. Be carefull when you play the last new BG types, you might be very surprised

Wow, spot on! Quick answer. There it is.
But you make me curious now, Kelly. What do you mean with the “surprise”? And how do I notice the new types? Their website is utterly uninformative (which I think of as good news, it indicates that they have vulnerabilities to hide…)

I’ve noticed that the ball spins either about 18 turns +/-1, or about 23 turns +/-1. And hardely ever inbetween or over/under. Is the croupier mad (I’ve studied only one yet), or might it have anything to do with the wheel? 40 turns really seems to be a stretch. Won’t gamblers get borded, or dizzy?

I’ve seen this wheel in action in a couple of places, and the ball drops dead on the spot. Minimal scatter. I have no idea what ball they use. It looks like something which might’ve shot someone.

By newer types i mean the ones you see at the Cosmopol. Well i havent actually standed there and counted 40 ball revoloutions but i have counted 30 and in that spin and several others there were plenty of fast starting revoloutions that i didnt count in, so i would say 40 revs is definately possible and is done. If they use a Teflon ball they are never going to get 40 ball revs and you can easyli hear the difference because Teflon balls goes more like Clack clack clack and the light balls goes like tick tick tick.

The bounce makes you think that there could be a good playable wheel, but using ordinary VB my spread between outcome number and reading number was way too inconsistent to be playable. Kaisan played the Cosmopol not long ago and gave a good explanation as to why the spread was so big because he had the same experience there. Cant at the moment remember what he said though, its pretty early in the morning right now.

As Kelly stated earlier, the ball track is extremely smooth making the spin time a lot longer than a Huxley or Cammegh. Because the track is so smooth, it is extremely easy to miss the correct revolution. You can even miss by two revs. I don’t have to spell out how disastrous this can be for a VB player. So it takes a tremendous amount of experience and discipline to be able to play them profitably. You really have to be on top of your game.

They are beatable. But as Kelly said, approach with caution. This is the kind of wheel that will make you feel like a VB king, and then destroy you when you employ the exact same method the next day or even in the next few hours. But I have played a few of them with some success.

Obviously, I’ve got a wheel like that locally, so that’s why I’m interested.
The smootheness of the track making the ball pass unpredictably far, does in my mind not really match the fact that croupiers seem to be quite good at caling NMB at about the same time before ball hits it. Which is often one or two revolutions from it. They seem to have developed an intuition for it.

The tight scatter really seems attractive. If it’s a trap, I’m dying to know more about how it works!

well wether or not your wheel is a trap you might wanna watch the ball behaviour. The trouble i experienced was created by the long running time of the ball. The ball tends to develop some own movements the longer it runs. It showed on my wheel by the ball suddenly in middle of the spin after running absoloutely smoothly with hardly any sound sudddenly made a revoloution where the ball “rattered” loudly and when this happened it changed the remaining running time significantly. This didnt happen when the dealer only made a medium hard spin with shorter running time. In sweden where i experienced it, NMB was called 11 - 12 seconds before drop and my normal prediction would come on this wheel around 10 - 11 seconds before drop i had to change the thumper rate and “move a step up” which made prediction of key revoloution pretty inconsistent.