Do you believe FF is the best available roulette computer?

It would be interested to know.
As i member i have right to vote.
I believe FFA and FFZ is gret combination, and i do not know for anything better.
If there is i woud make it or get it for myself.

FF package has it all;

IQE6, (FFA and FFZ) the only one computer algorithm for leveled wheel prediction
TIILT2, (FFA and FFZ) the most accurate prediction
UNLIMITED system, (for now only FFA) the earliest possible prediction still accurate (2-3 sec as soon as dealer spins the ball)
ADJUSTABLE TIMER, (FFZ) great aid for visual prediction
TEAM PLAY (FFA) Encrypted radio transmition
Most covert (FFZ) No additional equipment is needed
Great support, any day any time any way of communication.
Open communications in between members (nothing to hide)
Reasonable price

Your computer is the best since you made the first ff. Also you are good and honest people. As i told you many times, incredible device man, incredible.

Ha, it is easy for me with you. You have 2 FFA’s and FFZ so I already know your opinion. What I really would like to know is what someone without FF would think when comes across and this site.

Anyway thanks for your feedback,
So how would you say in Spanish “Also you are good and honest people”
Since, in English it doesn’t sound right. :stuck_out_tongue:

Forester we have spoken from pm and u know my opinion about u an the FF…

but i will tell here in public also…

from what u demostrate on videos the FF looks GREAT!!!

espesially in the leveled weel couse almost every RC can do prediction in tilted.

u also say things with truth and u do not upload videos with 1:1 his…

keep up the good work man…u always develop urself and FF too

also great price!!!
i can t wait to bye mine