Do we need FFA and FFZ Acrobat?

I’ve designed boards for the FFA and FFZ acrobat.

FFA board is 2.7 x 4.7 cm and it uses same plug for clocking switch as FFZ.
The FFZ is about 3 x 4.3 cm curved board, using same batteries as FFV.

Well done, Forester!

I think many users were waiting for FFZ Acrobat (me too!) 8)

About FFA I think it’s more dangerous to take it into a casino, it could be discovered more easily.

Nice FFZ Acrobat ^^

I think board clock switch on FFZ is necesary for test… If it isn´t dificult to put… Board and External!!! ::slight_smile:

:wink: Preeeeeeeeorder!!!

Can add it but have to redesign the board .
Previous FFZ have had switch on board this time it doesn’t.
I used it only few times with the board switch so it is really not a must to have it.
I think better no preorders because with FFV there was many preorders and I was stressed since I had no idea will it work. A single mistake with this chip soldering and I wouldn’t be able to fix it since connection pins are so small. With such mistake I would have to scrap all units and make new ones.

FFV and FFZ use same program. While the FFV simply drives vibrating motor the FFZ in addition needs to have switching circuits for induction and parts of program that will do switching with more than 1000 times per second. I added that to the FFV program but I have no way to fully test it until I make new units. Previous FFZ was programmed in assembly this one in C which makes it about 10 times slower. Still it is more accurate than 1 ms, about 0.2ms.

I sent the files to manufacture. It’s scheduled for 10th of October so probably until 15th I’ll get it.
Hopefully the FFZ will be instantly ready and for the FFA I’ll need to convert the program.

Great news!! 8)

Have had a small problems in design for manufacturing but now everything is fixed and in process of production.

[glow=green,2,300]FFZ Yea !!![/glow]

How is going it???

Have u any news??? :slight_smile:

last email i received:

Ok,i will check it,after we receive the bare PCBs,i will take a photo to you.

I have said that from 30th,September to 7th,October is the national day of our country,everyone will not be on work.So the boards can be finished by the end of October.

New FFZ and FFA is on the way, they shipped with DHL so i should receive it soon :slight_smile:

FFZ arrived :slight_smile: and it even works ;D.

I’ll just tune a bit zap strength adjustment.

Ehi ehi good news informs us when u have it ready to shipp!!!

It’s ready.

Tomorrow I’ll pack some and send.

HoooRayyyyyyy :smiley:

Good news :smiley: