Do Modern Roulette wheels still have edge?

sometime edge goes crazy high in my case , however, through out the time I have investigate in collecting datas and understanding wheels that are used around the World , I struggle with defining each of them ,
in my case most of the wheels in my casinos are John Huxely wheel , what do others think about John Huxely wheels ?

I believe possible advantage is defined firstly by ball jumps scatter.
I looked some older posts but many attached files were lost.
Here is one with some data and relationship to the rotor speed.

In my files I found some info for Huxley.


Everything above green line is an advantage.

While the highest pick for fast rotor is at -2 pockets, on a slow rotor it is actually the lowest point.

Red line may produce ~60% advantage but it is narrower.
Blue line at +7 pockets and around may be ~30%.

That would be if you can each time predict exact ball drop point. Of course that depends on many factor but making it close 50% of time would be a nice success.

Some more;