Dimensions and Detectability

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A couple of questions.

  1. Does the FFZ have the same dimensions as the image on the purchase page? Or is that only a switch? I ask because I remember reading somewhere about the FFZ-SH, which was a prototype version of the FFZ. If possible, can you tell me what dimensions the FFZ has?

  2. My second question is regarding casino detectability of such devices. Obviously, something that is hidden and operated in a shoe is difficult to find. What sort of equipment do casinos use that detect such devices? Perhaps a metal detector? Thermal cameras? Or do they solely rely on CCTVs? Aside from staring into the wheel and constantly tapping toes, what are the things that casino surveillance looks out for when searching for players using such a system as FFZ?


FFZ The Dream Machine, that is it and real size of complete roulette computer.
Who knows what casinos using and when.
Probably nothing until you wins big then again and again.
But even then they make decisions based on way you play.

This should also give you some idea on size and how some of us camoflage device

[quote=“securityman, post:3, topic:526”]This should also give you some idea on size and how some of us camoflage device


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I also like the ‘chewing gum’ wrapper idea. One problem I have is the fact that the FFV has no cut-off switch. So if you are being searched you have one dancing piece of gum!

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