Detecting tilted wheel and dealers signature

Check this,
It looks as Barnetts software to check for ball drop zone and dealers signature.
It may make him a lot of money. :o


WOW! :o :o
to unite this to a FF…maybe a miracle.

I didn’t talk with him but i assume following scenario.
Present to casino something as FF then offered them monitoring software to detect any common ball drop point.

It looks as software is developed by survtech.

it says: this video is temporarily unavailable :’(

now it works :smiley:

I exchanged few words with Michael. Some explanation;

Actually, it’s not, I still turn about five people a month away. I have
never sold a device to anyone who hasn’t been to one of my talks (casino
people). Actually that’s not true, one snook under the radar about five
years ago but it still couldn’t be used in a casino.

No-one can actually buy anything from my site that can be used covertly
in a casino
, it’s all set up for training. If I sold to the public I’d have every schoolboy wannabe’s pestering me every five minutes.

That program I wrote (am still writing) uses motion sensing and
chroma-keying to track zero and ball. It will detect a rotor bias long
before it becomes playable, it will flag a drop-zone in half-a-dozen
it will flag dead-drop balls (no scatter), it will flag a dry
spindle (fast rotor decay), it will perform predictions and log them
along with the result - all this is done off a live video feed or a
tape. It all happens without operator attendance. It won’t run on
anything less than a multi-core processor at the moment but that’s about
to change.

I have also written facial recognition software which is specifically
designed for casinos.

This is professional software for the industry, I make more out of one
sale of this type of software than I would out of selling twenty RC’s
and I don’t have the hassle of silly schoolboys pretending to be
professional gamblers; my clients know what they want and are prepared
to pay for the work that goes into it. I supply it free for them to
play with - if they like it, they buy it. I learned a long time ago
that selling gambling devices to the public is a total waste of time,
effort and intellect. I thought you would realize by now that I don’t have the patience to
deal with the public.

According with topic, one question don’t let me sleep tight - how many certainly tilted wheel have you ever seen? I wonder how long I would need to looking for to find one. I realise no one can give me straight answer but there would be difference if 1 on 100 wheels could be tilted or 1 on 1000. Thanks.