Definition of roulette computer

If you are linguists or whoevers jobs that might be, how would you write a definition of a roulette computer for dictionary?

Let’s say on my home PC I upload a program for Microsoft Word.
Should I call it a Microsoft World Computer?
If I upload game World of Warcraft , should it be called a World of Warcraft Computer?
If I upload a roulette program for math systems should it be called a roulette computer?
If I upload many programs as that what it should be called?
I assume it is still a computer or desktop computer or personal computer.

So what would be a definition of a roulette computer?

The simplest definition i could find for the Computer.

An electronic device for storing and processing data, typically in binary form, according to instructions given to it in a variable program.

Maybe “pocket timer” device or just “timer”?! ::slight_smile:
If I’ve understood correctly, you mean which name to put to the hardware.


The hardware device containing the battery and memory etc is called a Roulette Computer, specifically the FFV or FFZ or FFA. FFZ = ForestFibrillatorZap because it has a computer chip containing a program only for Roulette and in this case a zapper. (To restore your heart beats to normal rythymn if Casino Security question you in their office1)

The software program Acrobat etc is a computer program specifically for the FFV, FFZ or FFA which takes a series of signals from a manually activated micro switch and produces a series of outputs (FFZ =Zap outputs) which indicate the approximate number pocket that the roulette ball will land in.

That’s my interpretation!