Dealer signature online

Hi all of you esteemed players !

I have some questions about Dealer signature.

I’ ve read about the real ones - when you follow the release number and the final number, calculate etc etc. But this cannot be done on a live online casino.

So here one is forced to follow somehow a ‘blind DS’ , observing last number vs actual spun number, noticing if they are in the same sector or somehow same pocket distance away (in average) etc. I admit it’s not so ‘realistic’ and good, but this is as much as we have online, where NMB is may times called before the spin starts (or you cannot see the release number or area).

So my questions (only for live online wheels) : is there of any value following dealers sessions and trying to establish some past patterns that can work also on their actual session that you want to play with them ? To be more clear, if I follow 10 sessions with a deler (Joe) and see some patterns, next time when Joe is spinning and I’m online, do I have more chances that he is repeating, somehow, some of those patterns ?

Or should I concentrate only on his actual session and try to spot the actual patterns (even if they are Blind DS) ? Is there any connection between his actual session patterns and past ones ? Or none whatsoever, because conditions might be different ?

Forester, I read you use to play DS in Croatia ; my question is though about online casinos, but what do you think ? And other players too…

Many thanks.


Yes I did,
I played it without any understanding, it worked.
I played it only because it worked.
If you ask me now, was it tilted wheel I wouldn’t know.
Was it narrow ball scatter, I do not know.
I start researching the game only 10 from years since I moved to Australia.

I still play DS almost the same way, it is my early bets.
But I never know do I win or lose with that chips.
I believe I lose more.

Thank you, Forester !

But the idea was, is it worthy to folow dealers hoping that their pattern would repeat ? Or one should concentrate only about the present session without looking at the past ?


By my opinion it isn’t good way of play.
In usual it is hard even if you make rotor adjustements and if you know amount of rotations to the end.
So with plain DS chances are much smaller, except if conditions are so great that it doesn’t matter.