Dealer signature informations

Hello to everyone,I am new here.My english is bad so I apologize for any further mistakes.
I have an idea but not quite sure about it,I hope admins would give me an advice for this.
My system for live roulette is dealer signature,well I am sure most of you know what it is.And for good dealer signature sometimes you have to wait hours,sometimes even days.But when you get to know it,you remeber the name of the dealer,casino etc.
So I was thinking about opening topic with these kinds of informations that would save us hours of searching,I am just afraid someone from casino does not see it and affect it,so we can’t play on that dealer anymore.I discovered one dealer with strong dealer signature,3 out of 4 wins with him tonight.So please advice me would it be smart to start a topic like this,or any ideas about it.
Best regards.

What kind of visual ballistic parameters do you apply?

You can search the forum for “wheel mapping” that might help you to improve what you already know.
If you don’t get access to the topic, then you have to PM Forester.

I am open to discuss physics and wheel signatures and might help you with some knowledge i have.


I searched for it,but I can’t find it.Nothin special really,it works on some dealers and wheels.But I am still practising.I preffer the type of wheel they use on William Hill and most of the dealers spins slow,so that helps me.It is 9:72 AM right now so I have to go to sleep,hope to see you later.You can PM your skype if you want so we can discuss many thing later.And send me a link for “wheel mapping”.Best regards.

It looks like we lost that topic, because i can not find it.

The point is that you need to clocking rotor and ball.
This means that a true wheel signature is more like “light visual ballistic approach” or light VB …


Ok,if you want send me your skype so we can maybe chat latter.I am off now,see you.Best regards.

We can wait with skype as i don’t use it so much.
We can discuss your wheel signature her at this forum.

All you have to do is to describe what you do, then we might help you to improve your game.


Well first of all I would love to say to everyone who reads this,this is not some holy grail formula that will make you a millionare.So lets start.
Every dealer signature based player have to be really adjustable.You have to be patient finding the right dealer.I will write some tips here about that:best wheels and dealers that I found are on William Hill Casino Club.Now let me tell you why.Well if you play on a any kind of prediction you will want the wheel where the ball does not bounce back or foward a lot,what I mean is unpredictable bounces and hitting the diamond.The casino where you will never be able to play is for example Super Casino.I just can’t play there with those wheels and those dealers.

You will have to find a constant dealer.Now never look the history of spins that you did not see with your own eyes.I myself keep track of pockets,wheel speed,direction,and ball speed,and how often does it bounce.If you are a newbie I strongly recommend I app (if you want to know more about it PM me) that costs around 15e,you have it for Android and iOS devices.It is not something very very special,it will just keep track for you so you don’t have to.You have detailed instructions on that website.I have the app and sometimes I use it if I see I can’t keep track of many spins on both ways.

But anyway the best way is to focus on only 1 direction of the wheel.I always go for clockwise spins.Well there is no some special tutorial for this,you just track dealer.Many people will think “ah look at this dealer he is so unpredictable” but many people don’t count that dealer WON’T always spin with the same speed of the wheel and the ball.But you keep track of it,and when your opportunity comes,you take it.And there are of course some easy dealers to predict.I found one last night (won’t include deteails here) that was spinning the same speed clockwise almost always.It was cw+6 pockets 3 out of 4 times.1 time it hit the diamond so that was a miss.And the other dealer that I found last night got 2 ways of spinning if I remeber good,for faster wheel it was around CW-6 pockets and for faster was around +22,24 pockets.

And it was a win too,5 out of 7.What I want to say you can’t win always,well at least I can’t,that does not mean that you can’t.And avoid fast spinning wheels and fast balls,it is almost impossible to apply dealer signature there.Focus on wheels where it takes more than 5 seconds to make 1 rotation.Maybe it sounds impossible but I crossed on a lot of wheel like that online.Maybe I did not include some informations,but I just woke up so it was all from my head.Sorry for long post,hope you find something at least a bit usefull for you.


You watch out with the casino on line because if you win, also in permissible way, they close you the account and, if it is all right, they return only you the first deposit while the wins hold her for them.