Custom made FFV

Just finished custom made FFV with R6A for someone ;D

Picture taken against a casino chip.
It’s size of a battery holder.

This may be interesting.
Someone noticed this ffv and we had a chat.
He wants one for mouth.
I was always thinking about possible problems with FFZ to use it that way, somehow ignoring FFV because of larger battery required. But the FFV works and with 12 mm battery, a bit weaker vibration but it can be sensed. Everything could possibly be on a 20x20x5mm board. Something to think. 8)

now thats sexy

and nice hear you thinking on the mouth switch

Not a mouth switch but mouth FFV.
If instead of motor I can find some kind of water resistant membrane as speaker it would be 8).

Would it still be possible to make a membrane vibrate enough to be detectable
with all the moisture in the air and possible sticking to sufaces, also with such low
power? Guess you could always encapsulate it like a bass box or vibrating bullet.

If its possible to make a zap version for the mouth surely the power requirements
for a detectable zap its self can be reduced considerably due to moisture and sensitive tissue
available thus reducing the size of the battery required and componants like inductor,
conduction plates ect. If 3v are required for the chip you could try running two very
small 1.5v in series to reduce power source size and spread battery suface area over
the FF helping to make the footprint even smaller to accommodate the mouth more comfortably.

Dont know of hand if the FFz can work in these conditions of the mouth reliably, not even sure I
like the idea but cant see why the FFz cant be shrunk down very small but am happy to be corrected,
its only theory on my part, not my area of knowledge.

I tried speaker form headphones placing membrane on skin and applying signal , I could feel it. Something as that in mouth would work and I believe it would take less power.
FFZ can uses much less power but I would be scared to use it in mouth.
I tried like that 3 x 1small 1.5 V batteries I get even stronger vibration.
I need to test how long last CR1220 with FFV will, it gives enough vibration for mouth, or even use two batteries.
If users are females maybe strawberry condoms would help to make it water prove. :-\

Strawberry condoms, vibrations and all the excitment.
Best only sell to nice girls who dont swallow :-X

I believe that the FF in the mouth make problems because it will increase salivation.I don’t think it’s so functional.

I don’t know how micro minature the FFV can be built but here is a thought. If one has a partial or a plate, install it under that, and use the galvantic impulse to register the output of the computer. Similar to the sensation one would feel as if a small bit of aluminum foil is in ones mouth and touches a metallic filling of disimilar material. No need for a membrane, and the saliva would act as the perfect conduit to carry the pulse. If it was very very thin it might even rest on ones inner cheek. Something to ponder! Cheers