Court case Stefano v Forester

Since I do not want to everybody explain independently on MSN what really happened with Stefano on court I will try to explain it here.

It is my free explanation and understanding therefore I can’t use exact wording who said what in exact order but I can give a general picture about the case.

Stefano accused me of Stalking and publishing his private information also allowing people like Bago to place their links to my site where at their site they criticize Stefano’s system even publish some pictures.

First court case was in May and Stefano lost it. I Regardless of my expenses and traveling to Melbourne I accepted to talk with him and gave him a chance in what the most hurts him. I accepted his offer to see his Hybrid computer, told him that i will change my flight just to see it, but he pulled back under excuse that he can’t take me to his home (I believed he has an office as he claims, and never asked him to take me to his home)

We agreed PJ (a forum member) who lives in Melbourne should see him.
I said whatever he finds out he is free to write at my forum.
Stefano start manipulating him and delaying to meet him for 3 months.
On the end Stefano canceled it and instead he proposed to PJ that he will show him on his portable DVD player how his computer works. PJ refused and told him that he will not drive 1 min for that so 1.5 hr from place where he lives just to see video is out of question.

On the end this is what PJ wrote,692.msg5938.html#msg5938

In meantime Stefano decided to appeal to court decision and start writing how he will this time embarrass me at court, how he wouldn’t be able to do it if his system is scam… and endless self monologues at his forum, with real no sense to anybody with healthy mind.

Anyway this is what has happened.

I was advised by my private lawyer to not talk with him.
After arriving at court Stefano come to talk with me.
He start to tell me something as this.
Do you want me to show you computer test on my DVD so you do not get embarrassed at court?

I told him go away from me.
He walked back then come back again …something as …bla, bla … bla.
I told him same. He walked back than come back again and told me that I should accept guilt and he promises me he will not write about it on forums.
And I told him same.

Soon after we walked in court room.
It was full of barristers, where judge was listening their cases only Stefano did not have legal representation and wanted something from court.

On the end judge moved our case to 12 o clock and later to 2:15.

Since we had lot of time I decided to hear what he wants to say.
Basically he wanted me to admit guilt and in return he will not tell anybody.
I told him I can’t admit guilt if I did nothing wrong.

Also I caught him read handed trying to record our conversation.
What an idiot and sick personality. And on so na ¯ve way.

Soon after my “lawyer” come, puzzled to find me next to Stefano.

We had conversation and Stefano start explaining to my lawyer how he knows better.
I said to my lawyer in Croatian to stop it, since I believe he is dumb without understanding the law and I really want him to be complete idiot and show it to the judge. Stefano believed the Judge will watch his portable DVD player and his system.
I also suggest to Stefano to give up to walk in there and to terminate appeal as any decent man would do.
To go to his forum and apology to me for inconvenience and finally to apology for 2 years back for calling me lyer when I said that i know all about his computer and 6 people wanted refund from him. He claims he did not know about them and when he found out they already broke contract and were not entitled for refund. Rubbish, but regardless did he know or not I was saying the truth.

So it all started after 2 o’clock. Judge told us basically everything will repeat as in last hearing. Stefano will go to box say what he has to say then I will go there to make defense. It never happened!

Stefano went there and stayed there all the time since he couldn’t make a single valid point against me. I was basically just observing how the judge making him looks as an idiot.

The only difference from last time was that this time he did not claim that he is a promoter but manager who managing 700 professional gamblers.

It was very bad start for him.
Obviously he thought that he can do as at his forum where he can say all kind of stupidities then some shady nick name will applaud him and say well done Steve. But this time he was facing real judge at higher court.

Stefano said to judge that Mark Howe wanted to kill him and that I published his picture so he can find him easier.

Can you believe that stupidity?

Basically judge told him, ok you have serious problem with that guy Mark you should do something about it, it was 2.5 y ago but what did this man do to you.

Stefano replayed he published my picture, he removed it and made a link that the picture is at Mark Howes site.
I said that it wasn’t only picture but it was an article submitted which was explaining how Stefano was cheating to people with his roulettesystemreviews site and it was for the best public interest.
Judge couldn’t find that I did anything wrong so they continue.

Stefano come with piece of paper showing empty post with sign “removed”, claiming that it is the prove that something bad was written there.
Can you believe such stupidity?

I replayed perhaps it was there, that is why it is removed. Explaining it is public massage board, well managed by moderators from all sides of world. I also added there was one post where his wife was claiming that they do not have money to place grass in backyard while in same time Stefano claims that he makes millions from roulette.
Imagine laugh in the room.

Judge explained to Stefano that it is not prove of anything, all his papers are only his word against mine. I tried to help Stefano as much as I can confirm whatever he says that was truth but nothing he says was relevant. He was saying to judge that I published pictures of his family. I read to judge where Stefano confirms that it was actually his wife. And that it was distributed by his customers. The Judge also never find anything wrong if site points link to any picture that is on the net, or to any site where someone writes bad about Stefano. She told him if he has problem whith other site she should talk with them.

I also asked judge if I can quote something that Stefano wrote about his customers.
And she allowed me.

I did say that never in my life I have seen one company as Stefano’s one, which without customers consensus, abuses them publicly publishes their address and name just to embarrass them only because they are not happy with his product and publicly wrote about it. I read examples what he did to Bago.

The Stefano said to judge pointing to me. He did that to me last time at court.

Judge replayed , but I am listening to you! Can you tell me what this man did to you.

Stefano was lost, so I added some oil to fire.

I said to judge, Stefano told me he wanted to show you something.
She said ok show me.

Wooo, Stefano start taking his portable DVD player from bag saying to the judge how he will show to her roulette system. It was his dream since he was writing about it for past few months on his forum. Man you should see judges reaction. Until now she was talking politely with him but after that she start shouting at him.

Then somewhere from moon he said.
But he was showing to people secrets how they can see my house from satellite.
I said to judge, yes we were talking about google maps.

She replayed I know google maps then turned to Stefano and said so what is problem with google maps.

Stefano said now everybody can watch my house.
It was another disaster for Stefano.

Judge wants to close the case against him then he start teaching judge the law.
Imagine that.

Judge insisted that Stefano tells here what I did wrong and he couldn’t rise a single point against me. All together took about a hour. Stefano was telling here it is long story and that when needs to hear it all. She replayed that she is listening so he should start to tell here what it is that I did wrong. I said to judge last time at court we spent 3 hr and he still couldn’t justify anything.

Last but that was mentioned few times since Stefano was going in loop, Stefano claimed that I published his picture when we last time met in Melbourne where we shaking hands.
He was dishonest trying to make it dramatic as he particularly told me he doesn’t want it to be published. Even at his site he wrote about it as he may publish it and I also told him that I published it in forums private section.

Regardles it was another disaster for him even without my explanation.
Judge replayed to him with something as this.

It only shows me that you are an idiot. You come to court complain that he publishes your pictures and that someone wants to kill you then you go with same man and make picture with him shaking hands. It is ridiculous claims I am going to close this case.

I walked out and I forgot my water bottle inside.
Man on duty run after me and gave my water back with comment.
In my life I did not see such crook and an idiot.
I walked out went to see my lawyer advisor and had good laugh about peoples stupidity.

When i come back home I looked Stefano’s forum no singe word about it.
Last time it was > 100 posts just about that.
I hope this time he will not claim that I was lying at court since i really tried to help him so he can start understanding.

Since he was claiming how he will get courts transcripts and publish it so everybody can hear what really happened and how i will be embarrassed, fell free to ask him for one. I am only warning you that you may laugh too much. (hehe if he keeps his promise)

After he start publishing my name, it is obvious his way of justice and attempt to fight back on such dirty way.
I had problem with my kids explaining it but what I can do about it.
It is my fault since I let myself involved with idiotism.

At Broadmeadows Magistrates court I started procedure against Stefano, but next day I canceled it. I hope he learned something from this. All his false accusations about me as bribing police officer, lying or whatever he wrote on his 500 articles about me in what he calls roulette war, I live to his conches what he want to do with it, I really have no intention to argue about something so stupid.

I did not seek court costs, I left it to him as a Christmas present.

hahahahahahhahaahhahha, very interesting!! i should go there to meet this crook!

Lol, I should bring Mark Howe to court so he can and see him.
How stupid someone can be?

If you are afraid that someone may kill you then you do not expose your face for stupidities.

Oh I forgot to say that at court Stefano claimed that due to threats from people and what I did to him he also has psychological damage. :-\

Then we where right all a long Lmarfo

I can imagine the court:

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Forester is a scam!

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Stefano U are the SCAM!!!

WOWWW well done judje SPOT ON!!!

nothing new!!!

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Hehe ;D

Not like that. All I said was I am an electronics eng. I worked for LM Ericsson Australia as a test support eng. As a team leader for continues improvements my team have won MD Award for achieving greatest improvements within Ericsson’s group worldwide. Our work was included in application for Australian Quality award which we have won for 2 consequentive years.

As such in some stages I got involved with roulette and published test procedures how roulette systems can be tested. Since then, Mr. Hourmouses start abusing me because his customers start questioning his system with hard prove of systems ineffectiveness. Firstly he started denying validity of my test. Since the test is very logical and today accepted as a valid test, few years from then he accept it but struggling to prove that his system can pass it.

Stefano lost case simply because i never did anything wrong to him, and he got abused because only stupid person claiming to have millions will appeal to higher court without legal representation. Just that made him look stupid enough.

(If i really wanted the judge wouldn’t take any information from his printed papers as a valid one and she told him that.)
He got abused by judge because he start bullshiting judge which was smarter then all barristers in the room other way she wouldn’t be the judge.
The judge was explaining to him that if someone makes any link on forum even to his wife’s picture is nothing wrong with it. It is logical since Google makes links to anything and everything, it was only Stefano who has problem understanding it.
That is same what my lawyer tried to explain to him also that everything what Stefano was planning to do at court is irrelevant. But he thinks that he knows the best.

That is why he was all the time in the box, and i was just observing.
At one stage he asked the judge can he start questioning me.
The judge explained to him that firstly he needs to make a valid point against me and keep constantly asking him if he can prove that i did anything wrong.
So it never happened, Stefano stayed all the time there and couldn’t prove a single point against me.
Basically i was just an observer who added few comments.

did u see his post about his point of view of the court battle?lol

Yes, I have no comments.
All I can see that he becoming more and more as MH when forgets to take a pill.
We can only wait for him to publish court transcripts as he promised.
I bet $100 that he will never do it. Instead he will broke his promise and write again his monologues on forum, as in usual.

“also added there was one post where his wife was claiming that they do not have money to place grass in backyard while in same time Stefano claims that he makes millions from roulette.
Imagine laugh in the room.”

"Stefano said now everybody can watch my house.
It was another disaster for Stefano.

Judge wants to close the case against him then he start teaching judge the law.
Imagine that."

“It only shows me that you are an idiot. You come to court complain that he publishes your pictures and that someone wants to kill you then you go with same man and make picture with him shaking hands. It is ridiculous claims I am going to close this case.


It really shows his intelligence :wink:

I can’t believe Stefano is still going and going about this even a year has gone. Wondering will it ever stops. At his forum he made few hundred posts about it. First how at court he will show to judge how his computer predicts and how he will embarrass me then after two court cases how everybody is wrong except him. Now you guys are encouraging him for more. He is as self-winding windmill, he just needs attention.

Now he made an audio, claiming this is it, and that I asked him do it. Well some time ago at GG forum I told him to show to everybody what the female Judge told him. From that hearing he can’t put together 10 min where he will not look as complete idiot.
Of course instead of that he published something compliably irrelevant.

I believe he wants to say that somehow I promised to judge something and based on that he made decision. It is not the truth. How it can be if even on his audio what I said is after judge’s decision. Even if so there was another hearing, let him publish where in that hearing is that i broke any promisse.

Also his audio is edited; he added some parts out of context.
Since in formal discussion he claimed that if someone publishes pictures of his kids offends him a lot I never have problem with it. But anyway I never published any pictures of his kids or his wife.

He decided to appeal to first judge’s decision when Bago made a post about Stefano’s scam. He sent me an email how he will appeal because I shouldn’t let his customers talk about him. I never have had such agreement with him at court or privately. It is against my believes of free speech.

It is all bullshit, we all know that I never publish any pictures of his wife and kids, even Stefano knows it, I never call him or even initiate any contact with him.

The feamlae judge I believe 20 times asked him can you bring at least single point what this man did wrong. He couldn’t. He asked can he start questioning me; the judge replayed NO first you need to bring one valid point against him. So I was all the time in visitor’s bench watching him changing colours on his face. If he has soemthing he would publish it to prove my words wrong.

All he did was abusing system, trying to make that I do not allow people talk how he scam them on goverment expences( based on tha the is afraid for life). Or to not have a link to any web site where such information is provided.

The Judge clearly explained to him, that I could even have links at my site directly pointing to any picture or any discussion. Imagine he complained that my site has link to Mark Howe site and if someone search his site he can find something about Stefano. It is a nonsense what Stefano is talking, we all know it, if it is truth then first he needs to close Google.

He claimed how he will chase Bago to put him in jail. Same with Mark Howe or some others. Well he can’t or perhaps he doesn’t have money for that.

Also thread was in private forum section since I did not want to go bragging around as he does.
Now you can read it.

It’s impossible to convince a scammer that he is a scammer!

Perhaps insist in to hear all what female judge said to Stefano. 8)