Correct calculations?


So I’ve been looking around for a quick way to get money. Discovering quickly this is practically impossible. Some ways seem too good to be true.

So there are 2 systems I would like to discuss. I know this forum doesnt like systems and almost all of them wont work in the long run because the odds are against us.
But what if the odds weren’t against us?

A coin flip game would be 50-50 chance, I found one although its paying 0.95, but then again chances are fair. Would you make profit here? And if so, what system would be wise to use? I dont like Martingale and I dont have a extreme bank either.

Other thing is based on roulette. If you were to bet on 2 colums or dozens you basically have a 66% chance. I havent found a decent system for this yet. Only thing I came up with is based on Martingale (which again, i dont like) but instead of x2, you will x3.
In short:
Dozen 1: 1 - 3 - 9
Dozen 2: 1 - 3 - 9
Dozen 3: 0 - 0 - 0
For this system we do need a large bankroll. But in the long run we should win right? So Am I missing something here? I am no expert in math which you could probably tell

The best option would be to play short, win and walk away.

Would you rather take the coin flip or the double dozen roulette?
Or of course neither?

Even when you are winning you are loosing 2.7% because of the house edge. In short. They short pay you on winning spins.

Progressions playing systems do not work in the longrun because when you loose your full progression usually all profits are lost too. Funny things happen on a roulette wheel. (Randomness) Dozen 3 in your case could come up 12 times consequtively hange to D1 for a spin and then give another 6 D3 's. It does not matter if you cover 2/3 of the wheel simply because yes you should have more winners than loosers but because you are wagering more than for 2/3 of the wheel your profit is proportionary less.

It is the same as betting on 34 out of the 37 numbers. Payout is 35 to 1 you will only win 1 chipnand get your own chip wagered back. If you loose one spin you loose 34 chips. You would haveto win the next 34 spins to break even. Funny thing is. I have seen so many times people covering most of the layout and then somehow those 3 open numbers get hit in short time. Systems are just a bad way of playing because you are blinded thinking that following specific rules will benefit you and somehow put you in profit. Unfortunately like mentioned, your betting selection is done blindly and does not give an advantage.

Well it is not 50 / 50 isn’t it. No matter what you use if you play you will still have whatever the odds are.

However if for example you define that coin flipping tail is 5% more often that would be equal to a roulette advantage play and biased wheel.