Cooming soon UNLIMITED

Here it is,


unlimited??sounds good.

I have been playing a new John Huxley stone track wheel with nice large soft ball in Asia for the last week but only broke even.

The staff were pretty hopeless and it made me smile that they insisted on putting a little sticker over the lens of my cell phone every time I entered through the security gate. I wonder if they think I have one of Mark’s or Stefano wonder devices?

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Ok guys,

Here is a brief explanation.
Few months ago I did a prototype of new program, and explained it somewhere in development section. After that, I was thinking and thinking… how I am going to do it the best way. Then I start working on it and it did not take long. So it is done!

Logical is that prediction is more accurate if we are closer to the end of spin.
But with UNLIMITED system it doesn’t work that way.

We can predict in any ball rotation we want, we can predict 3 rotations before then ball drops or we can predict 20 rotations before then ball drops and still get accurate prediction. Assuming that wheel doesn’t have orthodox deformation prediction earlier in spin will even be more accurate.

We can alternate time of prediction with every spin.
I did test on single spin, predicting 15,14,13,12…3 rotations to the end and all results are within good range. So linearity of prediction is there. Of course I did some tests and on the other spins, and all is so great.

Firstly I thought I will have to make it as separate device.
But after hard work I managed to pack UNLIMITED system together with IQE6 and TILT2 inside FFA’s hardware. That makes me very happy.

The systems effectiveness is equal perfect visual prediction in any defined ball rotation with perfect rotor calculation.

Actually Snowman was one who triggered this idea, and made me to think about it.
Since FFA’s hardware is extremely fast and accurate in timing the earlier we predict we are more accurate is very achievable because we do not have losses in timings and the difference in between rotations with earlier prediction is smaller.

If comparing it to TILT2, Tilt 2 is more accurate when tuned properly.
It can even avoid bad spins.

Unlimited systems advantage is that it is UNLIMITED, it can’t be stopped, no errors or limitations and it is so easy to operate. Also it doesn’t require much wheel watching.
It can be applied on automated roulette wheels where no more bets is called earlier in time, it can be applied on every wheel where we have 2-4 seconds from start of spin before then NMB is called.

UNLIMITED system will not gain advantage to user if applied on perfectly leveled wheel (only IQE6 can do it). (I do not call semi tilted wheel as leveled wheel). Unlimited system needs some tilt on the wheel, more we have more accurate predictions we will have which is understandable.
Oh, yes and it takes advantage of 2 or 3 pin game.

Well you were playing with advantage of 2.7% if that makes you happier.

WOOO, looking for more details about the test. :o

Very good news!

and when u think this will be ready ?

and the FF price will change?

also will u upload any good video to admire it?

I may make test video one day lol

It is ready, I only need to check IQE6 and tilt2 just in case if I did not make any mistake in program which may effect them.

No price change for now, I was thinking to do it earlier, but AUD pick up a bit so it is still ok.

Hello agin

It is ready,IQE6 System
How can buy this systems

It is part of FFA.

FFA from now has 3 programs (systems) built in.
IQE6 for leveled wheel play, or wheels with slight tilt
Tilt 2 for tilted wheel play, or semi tilted.
Unlimited system, for tilted wheel, or semi tilted.

FFZ has
Tilt 2
And a adjustable timer

If someone has FFA it can be upgraded for UNLIMITED ssytem.

I do not believe that I will make unlimited system and for FFZ hardware version’
Main advantage of Unlimited system is very early prediction. FFZ uses ball as an indicator for prediction and it wouldn’t be right to have prediction when ball is for example 0.4 sec per rotation.

The only solution for Unlimited system to be used with FFZ would be if I change way of prediction with FFZ as Bago were suggesting. But then we lose 2-3 sec in time of prediction.

Another good thing about unlimited system is that is tuned so the ball will hit few pockets in front of predicted number, which means even without any adjustments prediction on most wheels will already be in area where the advantage is. Sure this may not be guaranteed but on most wheels it will be.

Unlimited system is good for anyone.

Some time ago, I was contacted by one player.
He bought earlier version of FFZ. However in his casino they call NMB very early.
There was no time for FFZ to predict. He learned E2 (kind of visual prediction for leveled wheel play) so he fully understands it.
The guy played few times and won huge amounts of bets.
His winnings were shocking, each time he won more then I do in full year.

He told me that he is a big player. In conversation I found out that he have had predictions 20 sec before then the ball drops. It was to early even for E2. After analysis I found out that it must be just luck, so I suggest him to stop using E2 since it wouldn’t generate advantage. Soon after he confirmed it, and he stopped playing roulette completely since he start understanding that there was no solution for such early prediction.

Well now there is.

Unlimited system can predict as early as 2.5 seconds from time the ball starts spinning.

The only way the FFA can be upgraded is to send it back.

Alternative practical solution would be if I send you a special programmer, that plugs in it to FFA press button and all is done. However this option is on hold for now since some fags want to copy my software, and I am not sure how safe it would be. To some people I even supply parts (and programmed chip) they make their own custom built system. So if I start supplying and program the FF could be replicated.

I like it

Of course you would, it was your idea, I only listen and implemented. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just for curiosity I applied it on 2 videos from jefco.
I was using ½ rotor clocking so prediction was the earliest possible.
100% spins predicted, no errors

And this was a raw prediction without any offset adjustment.
Just clocking at DD.
Play 3 pockets at -1 and get 1:5 hit rate
Is that 650% advantage? ;D

-8 x
-6 xx
-4 x
-3 x
-2 xxx
-1 xxxxx
0 xx
3 x

Unlimited system is very practical for wheels where ball decelerate fast.
If we predicting them with tilt 2 even if we set accuracy to “one” we still do not get much time left after prediction.
But with unlimited system we do.

I moved your post to development section since I consider some information confidential.

Hi foester,
I have not understood, but which it is the innovation?
best rog :slight_smile:

Capello, there is no innovation just another program added to FF based on principles of visual prediction, where particular ball revolution can be detected at any time during the spin with reasonable accuracy.

This program predicts in any ball revolution, but advantage is achieved only on wheels where ball has dominant drop point.

This program can not accurately define ball revolution as TILT2 program can, but it has different advantages.

As one guy recently wrote to me regarding Unlimited System.

"I'm Impressed :D

If it’s as good as 70% of well tuned Tilt2 I,m shocked. "

I expect that the program will be so much accurate but main point is that prediction is very early in time. Only few seconds after spin starts.

The same guy previously did have someone else’s roulette computer which should do the same. However when he test it it couldn’t produce same results even if the ball was clocked on repeated spin at same ball revolution. Well UNLIMITED system can, and it can produce same result if the ball is clocked at any ball revolution. It is called linearity of prediction.

I do not know why they couldn’t achieve even that since the program is not complicated not even 10% of what IQE6 program has to do. So I can only assume that it is because they use mobile phone hardware which can’t match accuracy of timing with FFAs hardware programmed with machine code.

To make it even worst for marketing reasons and competition, some claim that such program can predict and leveled wheel. Such system has no grounds for that.
For that to be truth the program needs to create advantage even if the wheel is perfectly leveled. Later they claim that there is no perfectly leveled wheel therefore the program should produce advantage and on wheel which we call leveled but which probably have some kind of unbalance. Of course that is not the truth since advantage will be so small and it couldn’t be recognized. There is no point to run 100 spins and claim, look computer predicted 1:35 position on rotor therefore there is an advantage. No, there is not because after rotor hit, the ball jumps and with next 100 spins the advantage will be somewhere else and so small that in 100 spins it can’t be recognized. Instead, the player will only see small pick points, results of standard deviation which will always change place and be higher then real advantage point.

To have practical advantage computer needs to predict point where the ball will hit on rotor with accuracy of about 1:12 or better. That is why Stefano goes insane every time when Bago displays graphs with which accuracy Stefano’s computer predicts point on rotor. On his wheel at his home with his own computer operated by him it was only 1:28.
Such result would show simply because of deviation, when particular group of spins is selected where we can have results by luck. It is an effect of reverse engineering.
Yu will get same if you go to casino, play and record spins when you were lucky and made winnings. If average ball jump was 12 pockets, expected is that you will find some more spins where the ball was hitting around 12 pockets in front of your played number.

However if same spins were predicted by effective roulette computer you would find high amount of spins where the ball is hitting rotor 12 pockets in front of predicted number so after balls scatter distribution, some spins (maybe 50%) the ball ends up around predicted number.

Just added video at first post, i hope it explains a lot.

[move][font=andale mono] M O R E I S C O M I N G S O O N[/font][/move]

;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
As we know, you always working hard to improve. We are impatient!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

PD: Is very very hard to improve

If this will be like we talked about measuring 3 rotations it must work very well.