Conclusion about Stefano Hourmouzis Genuine Winner

About Stefano Hourmouzis roulette computer.

Stefano continuously still cannot accept that his phone was tested from 3 independent testers.
He deliberately discredits me claiming that information that I provide is incorrect.
I do not care, whoever has his phone will understand that I talk truth.

he needs to publicly apologies to me and accept to meet me takes his phones back and provides refund. That includes at least one refund of his genuine winner system and 3 phones that he sold to people who are now members of t this forum.

The phone that he calls roulette computer starting in game mode as tic tac toe game it may have 3 or 4 digits code which you entering as if you play the game. Stefano is paranoid about security and control of his buyers and as such each phone is slightly different in certain ways so he can identify each phone to each buyer so he can track the phone as much as he can, if you try to sell it, talk about it or use it illegally (with this he means use it in casino) , etc.

On top of that he set code that expires every 20 hours of usage or every month whether you have used it for 20hrs or not, so even if you don’t use it at all, at the start of a new month you will HAVE to obtain a code to unlock it to use again (OF COURSE BUYES DO NOT KNOW ABOUT THAT UNTIL AFTER THEY PURCHASED IT!).

Once you have put in your password 3-4 digits on the tic tac toe game a code will appear that has to be submitted, it could be any length but in usual it is 12-14 small case letter code example: bbbfddddgdddgdg this code is different each time, you must send this via email from his website, there is a link on his site for this, he will then send you the code that you put into the phone, then you are ready for another 20 hours of play or another month.

I am positive that each code that comes up on your phone or phone that I have tested, to be sent to Stefano to unlock the phone for play is exclusive to the phone that you purchased off of him and I’m pretty sure each code is different, However I could be wrong but this guy is obsessed with security and tracking all his products, also e-books he sends to his players are all slightly different, so if you discuss the e-books that you were sent to anybody he will know who it is, if you discuss enough of the content.

If buyers know all of this I do not think many would bother to get it, simply it is too much hassle!
Still it wouldn’t be so bad if there isn’t more and if there is no real reason why he is doing it.

There’s one other thing who ever owned your phone before you, you must use there original email address to send the phones code to unlock it or Stefano might get suspicious about why this particular phone has a different email address! Therefore you must ask the original owner of your phone to send the code through his email address that should work fine.

I could try to send the code you have on your phone myself through my email address and then pass on the code I get sent to you to unlock your phone BUT as I said before each code could be slightly different which means Stefano would recognize that the code I sent him from your phone was from a DIFFERENT phone and not mine. You may have a 13 small case letter code, even the letters might be the same BUT they might be in a slightly different order which would separate my phone from yours?

If Stefano gets suspicious about any player he WILL stop all support (hmmm support), access codes for the phone, guidance etc!

Basically all this is rubbish, designed to scam people. I’m sorry to say this but to be honest tragedy is not only that phone doesn’t produce any advantage but also that you can not resell it to someone else who might be interesting to buy it for lower price. It would be wrong to try to sell on to somebody else it wouldn’t be right to rip them off with a product like this, but at least if someone knows all this and want to experiment you should be able to sell lit cheaper, because Stefano refuses to give any refunds.

If you contact Stefano about problem he seems like he wants to help and he’s always very careful with what he says, basically he sticks to his well prepared script!

Final result is that he believes that his computer software made as a game works therefore there is no refund.

His vibrating mode of play is total rubbish where you get vibrations 1,2,3 based on how many parts you divide rotor. And his vibration cannot be used to predict single number.

With the risk feature enabled you only bet on 10% of spins, 10% woooooo!!! Ask yourself how many of the 10% would be accurate! Complete nonsense!!! You would end up having to sit there all night waiting for 10 predictions per 100 same direction spins, and when you get one the, ball bounces differently and you lose again.

We all agree that Stefano’s phone, computer, game is well put together, I would say it’s very slick, well packaged and has many features, BUT who cares even if it is of gold if it doesn’t actually work and if it can’t be used in the real world of gambling.
His phone is definitely stile over substance, it looks good and hits all the right marketing buttons and that’s all it really is.

Serious roulette players once they try to operate it under real casino conditions see it for what it really is, a slick piece of marketing dressed up to look like a serious tool to beat casino roulette.

It doesn’t matter what a roulette computer looks like, but there’s only one question, IS IT EFFECTIVE AS A GENUINE WORKING TOOL TO CONSISTENTLY OVERCOME THE HOUSE EDGE UNDER REAL CASINO CONDITIONS, if it can not CONSISTENTLY overcome the house edge on a qualified wheel then it fails, there is no it’s and no but’s!!!

Another fact is that Stefano’s computer fully tuned is completely unworkable in a real casino environment; if he had actually used it himself he would know this. All the features he has look good and sound good on a website but they are useless because they cannot be utilized with any kind of accuracy in real high pressured casino conditions. Well on his DVD he prohibits usage of his phone in casinos, but I don’t understand why he is selling it as computer to predict and to make money from casinos.

It is normal that Stefano’s computer sometimes may just overcome the house edge, however what’s important and what most people do not understand is that there is a very very fine line between overcoming the house edge and random selection with his computer. His excuses of improper setting or clocking are just excuses for bad design. He probably never uses his computer in casino himself, and that is why he is selling it.

Roulette prediction has many variables that have to be considered, of course there will always be an area that creates a random outcome from a spin. But with intelligently implemented design, a quick mind, a clever workable and simple to use roulette computer that can operate under real high pressured casino conditions can easily profit well from roulette.

Finally, I am under attack from spammers for speaking the truth, all that I can do is to keep dignity no matter what are their methods or abuse they use. It’s only the truth that really counts and truth will always be truth, regardless of disbelief, luck of understanding, or ignorance.

The decent people around do trust my judgment and whatever I write, the people that really matter will listen and understand, the idiots and the fools scammers do not have to and they can attack, sabotage me as much as they want. They can not use single argument against me but they can only jump as monkeys and use lies or irrelevant things.

Stefano instantly changed description of my system at RSR, why, he does not know my system at all. Bob Gordon is threatening me to send my picture to every casino if I do not stop.
Maybe for many $100 000 to lose with Bob’s system sounds unrealistic claim. It looked for me as well, until I found out how much money the guy who played is using to play.

Who is manipulating roulette computers information?

Stefano’s previous scam was so big that even ABC news made a page about him.
I read his page when he finally admitted to his adventure at the jail where he tried to make it look all inocent but never before did I come across this page.


It is a page at ABC news about his scam.

The Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) hopes the jailing of a Melbourne man will discourage spam e-mail senders.

Twenty-four-year-old Steven George Hourmouzis has been jailed for three months for using the Internet to manipulate the American stockmarket.

He pleaded guilty to posting false financial information on the Internet.

ABC News Online

What he really did and how, is better explained at
On 30 October 2000, Steven George Hourmouzis was sentenced to two years imprisonment in relation to each of three crimes which he pleaded guilty to having committed by sending a fraudulent email to millions of people in Australia and overseas. Of the 2 year sentence, he was required to serve 3 months with a good behaviour bond for the remainder of the term.
The convictions resulted from spam sent by Mr Hourmouzis and an associate and from bulletin board messages posted by them which were designed to inflate the price of a NASDAQ listed corporation called Rentech Inc in which they had purchased shares.
In May 1999, they sent in excess of three million emails messages to addresses in Australia, the United States and elsewhere. The messages were sent through an ISP from which Mr Hourmouzis had anonymously purchased internet access kits. He used Telstra telephone lines to connect with the ISP.
So as to avoid detection, Mr Hourmouzis relayed the messages through nine third party servers, which made the messages look to recipients as though they had emanated from those servers. Use of the third party mail servers in this way did not damage them, but required them to be shut down in order to clear them of the messages. The businesses that used the servers also became concerned about the effect on their reputation as a result of the spam and that somebody had gained access to the servers.
The spam and bulletin board messages achieved Mr Hourmouzis’s objective. Trading in the shares of Rentech Inc on the day following that on which the emails were sent was ten times the average daily trading volume. The share price doubled before trading was halted pending an announcement to be made by the Company. Rentech Inc issued a press release denying the statements in the email and bulletin board messages. Its share price then fell to below the price at which it had started.
The first two counts to which Mr Hourmouzis pleaded guilty were of making statements or disseminating information that was:

  1. false in a material particular; and
  2. materially misleading and likely to induce the purchase of securities by other persons contrary to the Corporations Law.
    The maximum penalty for these offences is a $20,000 fine or imprisonment for five years or both.
    The third count to which he pleaded guilty is one which is of more general relevance to spammers. It was of committing an offence under sub-section 76E© of the Crimes Act 1914, which relevantly provides that:
    “a person who, by means of a facility operated or provided by the Commonwealth or by a carrier, intentionally and without authority or lawful excuse…interferes with, interrupts or obstructs the lawful use of a computer…is guilty of an offence.
    Penalty: Imprisonment for 10 years”.
    A bulk emailer that uses third party computer facilities to send very large quantities of unsolicited bulk email, knowing that to do so will cause an interruption to those facilities, risks being charged with an offence under section 76E.
    The sentence in the Hourmouzis case demonstrates that the penalties may be harsh. In that case, a custodial sentence was imposed notwithstanding that Mr Hourmouzis had cooperated with police, had pleaded guilty and had no prior convictions. That said, he was not helped by an email that he had sent to his associate which said:
    “This is illegal but I like it. Just don’t mention anything to anyone about anything until we purchase the stock and always keep our true identity very concealed.”

Creating roulette systems review with false information, and hundreds of web pages to manipulate potential buyers isn’t much different then what Mr Hourmouzis already did.

Today after packaging new chips I spend some time to look Stefano’s 4th generation of videos that he publishes. Previous 3 were total rubbish, but this one looks a bit better.

What surprises me is that he starts applying FF’s continues clocking in his prediction.
Before he was highly disrespecting it. I am not sure is he trying to predict his wheel as tilted (perhaps occasionally lifts one side of table by 0.5 mm) or he really adopted my principles of clocking trying to improve his computer.

I searched web for more and there is something really strange with his guy. He gives highest credit to FF because it can accurately adjust to temperature and humidity change. I have no idea where did he find that from? To be able to adjust it first we need to measure it. As far as I know the FF doesn’t have temperature meter or barometer or any other sensors. But anyway thanks for the credit.

The worst is when people do not understand how much they do not understand.

Next is his statement about size of the roulette calculation program.

A small file size is indicative of a simplistic program.


Let me see?

Few months ago he wrote his file is 400-600 kb and now it is 600-800km
My file is 1.5 kb

His phone is programmed with Java. Everything on the end needs to be translated to processors language.
Java use sentences for programming then interpreter translates it to commands.

This is an example of java command

“Simulates a stop watch and displays the elapsed time”

Each letter takes 2 bites, so it is 100 bites, woooo just for one command.
My chip programmed directly in machine language for commands uses only of 2 bites. So it is 50 times less. On top of that it doesn’t need command to be translated which takes time and that definitely is not what we want in timing applications. So what he is really saying is that his program will be probably 100 times slower. This remands me of 2 kids when I traveled back to Croatia.
I bought for one kid all alloy bikes, but his friend was arguing with him how his bike is better because it is much heavier. Cool kids but what Stefano is doing is not cool at all.

After my research with Java developers, I know that even if he adopts all 100% from FF he will never be able to have accurate prediction on leveled wheel.

It is because mobile phone is running many programs in background, and java is to slow. Combine it and you get disaster. At least if he has smarter programmer he could make audio files differently, to save about 1.5 sec. delay when calling voice files. It would give him prediction by so much earlier and that is very, very important. Of course it is important only if someone wants to develop product that performs. But for sale and taking peoples money mobile phone with random number generator will do the job.

Here we go, Stefano’s roulette computer for free.
For me it is sine of desperate man but I do not have to be right al the time.
So here is your opportunity to get free phone from Stefano.
If you try to do it please be careful with your personal details.

Here is Stefano’s post and my replay:

As you may have heard, I recently publicly demonstrated my roulette computers and various techniques to beat roulette (videos of the event to be released soon). Shortly following the demonstrations, my remaining older stock of my roulette computers were purchased. So now I'm no longer selling roulette computers, and am instead focusing on actual application. I apologize if you were interested but missed out, although I did give ample notice.

I’m looking for serious players interested in a profit split arrangement for roulette computer application. The opportunity is risk-free and wont cost you anything, although there are of course specific requirements. I’m not looking for just anyone - I’m after serious and honest teams who understand and respect the potential.

This of course doesn’t affect my current computer users - they are the fortunate players who keep 100% of their winnings. Any new players don’t need to make the US$5000 investment for the technology, but they pay me 50% of their winnings. My computers now cannot be obtained any other way.

After disaster at previous thread

you start new one.

Are you so desperate to get attention?

I have simple question for you.
Few months ago when Barnett bought my FF (with reasonable price) for independent testing you refused to supply old $50 phone. Instead of that you continue writing self reviews.
Now you want to give it for “free”. Why?

Send me one, you know that I play a lot and if it is better than my FF I will use it.
But if it still works as your previous phones do not worry about it. I do not need it.

After all my research on mobile phones and working together with developers I do not believe that prediction is possible if program is running on mobile phone platform.
On top of that you are still losing 1.5 sec to call audio files, but that can be fixed if you find better programmer.

I think even Barnett wouldn’t mind to get one under that conditions so at least you can get single independent review. As you now, earlier he refused invest any money on your computer simply because he thought it is pointless.

Further more I will advertise you to all my players from all parts of the world.
You know that they play so you shouldn’t have problem to supply them with computer.

If they are happy I will not have need for audio development we all will use your phone.
Am I nice as I always was. Just do not screw up something again and after explain it as Forester doesn’t like you because he is competitor.

I know that Stefano’s Genuine Winner system is going around for free but here is full description.

That is what people do when someone cheats on them then as an excuse call them incompetent and blame them for system failure.

Here is description

his paper system sucks any one want it can email me.

Do not tell me you’ve bought it as well.
Just got an email that Stefano sent to guy who purchased genuine winner a month ago.
(ybe he will show it to forum. )

It is unreal.

To get real winning system after you pay to Stefano you need to wait and pracise with papers he sends you. He understands that it is not the best but because he doesn’t trust you enough he can’t send you better version.

When guy complained and asked for money back.
Stefano says , well you broke the contract now, bad luck, and I was just about to send you some more useful info.

no f#@# way would i spend 2500.00 on that sh#@. I got it for 20.00 its not even worth that.

Previously, private demonstrations were only conducted for the Hybrid Roulette Computer, although they are now available for the standard computer. If you wish to see the GW system demo, you need to attend a “public” demo, which means you observe the demonstration in a group of 15 or so others. Private demos are conducted with just yourself and your team.

ya i would go to stefanos demonstation. if he paid me 7500.00 if i am going to a demo its foster and would pay to go. leave foster alone he does not have time for your bull shit