Computer program that analyzes roulette live feed or video file
It looks as the video is not enbled to be embedded, but click on the frame and it will take you to the site.

This is a project is developing by Survtech same guy who tested FFZ and the FFA roulette computers.

Accuracy is governed by 30 FPS. or 33.33MS.

Rotor is measured by chroma key, also resolves to 33.33MS.

Prediction is triple method - curve-fitting, time-to-drop and DS.

DS is technical DS, that is to say it is not considered DS unless it can be quantified and repeated under same parameters.

It’s interesting.
What do you think?


I think Barnett has developed a very nice bunch of products to sell to Casino’s using his experience.

There are much better ways for Casino’s to protect themselves from AP’s but this one will appeal to the Casino executives.


Not sure what are his intentions with it.
For players it would be hard to use it in casino, perhaps online live roulette wheels.
For example you leave it 24/7 and if the software detects DS it starts betting for you, but I would more trust the FFA.
Wondering if casino would need it to monitor DS and drop points, maybe if it is interfaced with all other software they use.

If Ladbrokes, with their heavily tilted wheel only spinning one direction still had late nmb this program would be ideal.

This looks like a functional version of what SH was trying to achieve minus the tracking.

In regards to RC, Barnett never claimed something stupid or different from what he was saying yesterday. On the other side all you have are empty promises without any prove.

nice work. I’ll look at it maybe later and try it out ;D