Computer from Edward O. Thorp

Hi Forester,

not sure if I am allowed to post links but I found this very interesting and fun to read. I suppose those were some of the first guys with computers right? Just an article.


Yes nice story, thanks.
Everyone should read.

By Edward O. Thorp

However, I think you will find that when you collect this data, the errors at each stage are several times as large as I have used in this example. My own observation is that the dealer error in the number of revolutions for the ball spin is about 20 pockets for the more consistent dealers; it is much larger with a less consistent one. I also noticed that the rotor velocity is not nearly as constant as Kimmel would like. That is because the dealer gives it an extra kick every few spins to rebuild its velocity.
It is also true that the deflecting vanes on the sides of the rotor add considerable randomness to the outcome, as do the frets or spacers between the pockets. The upshot is that I don’t believe that any dealer is predictable enough to cause a root mean square error of less than 17 pockets. I’m willing to examine proof to the contrary, but I would be very surprised if anyone could ever produce it.

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