Combined Dealers Signature, new prediction aproach


Till now any post in this year. So let mine will be first :slight_smile:

I can say to Lucky that this method about which he asked is simplificied way of mine play which i played long time ago.
In that time i not had computer, so i used simply timer or say some time count and signal. So in that set time i simply observed ball movement counted it how much way ball done, from thta way i had some special table done -how much way i must wait that will be left always the same way for ball. So if to look to ball as to timer - ball simply get me signal when is left some specifical time till end.

So in this moment i had initial number and number when left is som almoust ideally the same time.

It is not hard to conect theese two numbers to one function. But i noticed that this is only for me not hard - for others this is - mission - impossible .

So i decided to do one even more simple variant… for theese others :).


Well i think its a great signature with visual ballistic parameters.
For it does not matter if you did use this before you got roulette computer.
Every working method is a good method - no matter old or new.


Every working method is a good method - no matter old or new.

Many methods are working methods if you apply them right. But theese which we can put to RC are much better because they can take many and very hard work from us, and that is very important who really play - that know that even with RC is hard to keep concentrattion in casino more than 2 hours, if we play without RC - we simply cant play very productive.


There was a time l used blind ds with rotor adjustment… it was after l read this topic for the first time. Surprisingly it used to work. There were lots of luck involved as l understood later. I were betting triangular pattern for around 3 sec rotor and 18 poket distance for around 4. Here they spin from last number.