Chillin' n livin'

For a change…Just want to make a post so we can enjoy and get us some motivation to keep us going or to cheer us up on a good or bad betting day … and as for the newcomers to see what acually brought us all here 8) — The life-style and beating the system 8)

Heres a great video and song thats the only one i think - associated with roulette - this is a must 8)

Sade - Hang On To Your Love

another song to listen from high roller : the stu edgar story Rudy Guess Orchestra - Me and Miss Lady Luck

other songs are good to listen on the forum while reading associated with gambling , roulette

frank sinatra - luck be a lady
sade - turn my back on you - only the video (they fool around through vegas)

and the list goes on…Hope you all enjoy and achieve the life-style and class which makes us all proud of what we do and who we are 8)


I have had Kenny Rogers “The Gambler” as my ringtone for several years!

Music is my drug. Youtube is my dealer. Vevo is the police.

Charles Coborn - The man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo was actually intended to that engineer who was the first to discover bias and win :smiley: but the song is old and dont listen to it trust me :stuck_out_tongue: so yeah … someone dedicated a song to a gambler