Cheap PDA roulette computer and blackjack card shuffling

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Roulette prediction device
This Smartphone runs an updated version of the software I supplied to the National Weights & Measures Testing Laboratory when they carried out tests of roulette prediction techniques on behalf of the British Gambling Commission. Training media is supplied with this unit…$750AUD

Card counting and shuffle tracking device
This Smartphone runs a card counting and optimal bet program. It will announce the running count, true count and bet recommendation. It is loaded with a demonstration post shuffle deck profile. Cards are entered using the toggle…$750AUD

Infra-Red phone camera and card marking paraphernalia
This is a specially modified Smartphone which will allow the operator to view cards marked with infra-red phosphors. Infra-red marks cannot be viewed by standard surveillance cameras or conventional Black Light detection techniques. This kit include camera, ink, felt marker and finger pad used for in-game marking…$750AUD

Multi-use Smartphone
This device combines the above three programs and functions…$1200AUD

I have visited the site from you signalled.It’s interesting but I have not found the devices that you have shown.In the part in which it speaks of the successes of Barnett, the last one is of the 1996.Think you that devices are still useful?

Same as any other PDA roulette computer.
It’s dependable on how accurately a PDA’s can measure time.

You can always email him.