Casino video spin


Someone sent me this video,
I took FFA, then read recorded ball rotations

1296 ms
1421 ms
1552 ms
1642 ms
1792 ms
1974 ms
2083 ms
2047 ms
2124 ms…LAST

From rotation when the ball is 1296ms. It travels additional 8 rotations.
If we look time differences in between rotations

125 ms.
121 ms.
98 ms.
150 ms.
181 ms.
109 ms.
-36 ms.
76 ms. Last

Notice -36ms. It is difference in between last 3rd and 2nd rotation
Next rotation is actually faster, it is when ball started dropping down. I assume diameter is reducing and it gets some kick from losing altitude.

If you predicting with VB for modern days you have in between 4-3 rotations 109ms. :wink:

If you want to do it properly you have the best chance at 6 or 5th where ACC is 181ms and 150.
I tried FFA but it was loaded with Secman’s program that uses 4 rotations for clocking. (better for this wheel)

Same spin I predicted multiple times got it all ok, except in first spin it was 24,2,2 as (tilt)
FFA has useful feature where we can predict multiple times during same spin, on that way we actually checking how the system is handling wheel parameters as tilted or leveled prediction.

Got it all ok. I do not mean on a final result, predictions were constant in different rotations and indicator when ball will drop was ok.

levelled wheel got it ok as well, 24,24,10,23,29,3 another spin 2,19,25,36,8

Last 2 predictions can’t really count it was in 2 or3 rotation before ball drop , where the ball actually accelerates. (I do not know maybe its video that is causing it, I tied 2 times and always got second last shorter then third.)

Diamonds are low, you may have problem how the ball is exiting track until it hits rotor.

Because this wheel has very slow ball deceleration in last few rotations, all close to 2 sec.
If you play 2 sec rotor it wouldn’t matter in which one you read reference number, they all will be same ;D

Still if u will observe carefully the 6th rev has a noticable knee point.
The revs before 6th are all looking same…but when the 6th is coming something is changing

The knee point waht’s that?
I didn’t read it in any ebook, I found it by myself and heard about it from some real VB players, not VB sellers. :stuck_out_tongue:

But really on this wheel if rotor is close to 2 sec, just read it at 9 o’clock , next time it will be 10:30 next time 12 , then 12 and 12 drop. If you can play 2-3 rotations before end you can’t go wrong. ;D