Casino Perks: Advantage or not?

Hi Ap’s, I know that many AP’s generally like to stay under the radar, but just wondering if anyone accepts casino perks, e.g: free drinks, accomodation, free parking. I know that by accepting it, they find out about your details, however ive been wondering, what is the worst they can do even if they do find out who you are and where you live? on top of that, wouldnt not accepting the perks raise alarm bells for the casino? Im not sure whether as to stay in the hotels of the actual casinos im playing in, or stay well away as to remain anonymous.
Any stories would great.

Also not accepting casino’s benefits, you’ll never be anonymous for casino.
To access and play in a casino identification is required, they take also a digital photo of you (in Europe).
So why give up casino perks?
Of course if you win a lot is better to not attract attention.

This is a topic which has always interested me!

Many years ago I chose not to hold a Casino card or register or accept perks from any Casino just to maintain a low profile.

However I do accept that my picture is on file at many Casinos I have actually seen it on the screen in the Pit in several countries. They also have my name and address and many Croupiers speak to me by name some calling me Mike and some Mr McBain. A couple of the Managers also know me as a friend of their parents.

I now believe that accepting “comps” is not a problem, although I don’t do it, and the important things are to ensure that your session or daily winnings stay under the Casino and Government policy for notification, in Australia that is $10,000 and also ensure that your method of play includes placing SOME bets before the Ball is spun.


I did same, use to have few hundred dollars rewards on my card every week.
To make it worst I made mistake twice. Second time I used card just for car park (different casino) but once it stopped working. I went to fix it to customer’s desk, a girl scanned it and said she has to make a phone call to unlock it. It wasn’t a normal procedure. I stretched myself to see computer screen until man behind here turn it from me. It was written" Please call surveillance!".

I told here to give me card back I’ll come back when I have more time since now I am in hurry, she refused insisting that I stay, I asked once more and after another refusal I left. That’s where they got linked my name and my picture together. After that I worked more on my visual prediction.

I was recently contacted by marketing manager of a casino where I went 5 month ago (the only place where I lost a few thousand euros last year).
He offered me refund of air tickets and accomodation with full board for three hours of play daily, no matter what amount.
I am tempted to accept for next weekend.
Do you think I’ll be in the spotlight if I accept this hospitality?

Not at all…take it and enjoy but play carefully and WIN this time.

I hope to get a better result this time.
5 months ago I played without RC, only with DS: the conditions were very variable.
With RC I should be able to create me an advantage over the house, albeit small, not being an expert.
I will let you know next week.
I have 5 more days to practise.