Casino detecting cheating devices

Someone asked me;

"Hey mate i was reading some blogs and some people say that your ffa unlimited is is very easy to detect is this true and are there ways around this? "

Well obviously who told you that has interest in writing it.
Does it have any grounds?
Of course not, same as many other things they talk.

Did you ever read someone was caught because device was detected?

Casino hardly detect any devices but if they do then the FFZ/V is definitely the most covert device.

Show me someone who can argue this point!

All talking computers including the FFA ( and computers at sites where probably you were reading that ) use induction loops (PDA or mobile phone roulette computers).

Induction can be easily detected; even people next to you with hearing aid can hear what computer talks. The player also has wires around his neck and receiver which is another problem. Some security guards in casinos may use induction earpieces as well. It means if the player is suspicious casino stuff can simply come with an earpiece and be close to the player, to see if he is cheating or using mobile phone roulette computer. Ouch.

On the other hand FFZ/V can produce some noise same as any other electronics device or poker machines in casino. I doubt that casino will scan for noise and try to identify which kind noise the FFZ makes, but scanning for induction loops or a radio communication may be more logical.

There is someone claiming to have 1000 players, players making millions with mobile phone roulette computer. Since talking computers use induction loop and it’s so easy to detect, how come nobody is still detected?

Pick your answers;

  1. There is no 1000 players
  2. Players do not make any money
  3. Casinos do not care
  4. Someone talks rubbish

I’ll pick all 4! 8)