Casino 5 card poker


Hello ,
I would like to ask what casino poker games ( not Texas holdem) you have in your countries . Many poker variants has advantage for the player from 2-9.5 % .


Many poker variants has advantage for the player from 2-9.5 % .

Sounds really good , are you sure, could You give an example.
I will look at my home casino.

Where could I find the advantages of different poker variants , wizardoffodds ?



In wizardofodds you will find only the best strategy to dicrease house edge not advantage play . I use software I bought . I play with a team. In many cAsinos .


Fine, please tell us how , I am interested.

Yesterday I talked with an expert of poker,
he said : usually you should take the highest gain with
for example a full house, that’s the most advantage a poker player has.
You cannot do that at theese plays , it’s determined before.



Lunar poker has big advantage for the player only with collusion . The rules of the game allows players to see other players cards .this game can reach 9.5 % advantage for the player . Another game is oasis poker . Lately I play another game wich player can buy 6 th card. And the payout for flush is 6 instead for 5. What poker games you have there ?


Anything that can attract one more fish to the poker tables has to be a good thing. Not sure why those on 2p2 are making such a fuss about this.


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