Can Forester Deliver? Is His Computer Legit?

I felt I should include this as a topic as this is what I was thinking the first SEVERAL times I attended this website.

My initial concerns were if someone could actually replicate a computer that I KNEW - via a lot of research re Shannon & Thorpe and the Eudaemons - COULD work.

I then wondered why someone would make such a device and sell it if it gave an edge [which NO game gives in a casino excluding BJ with counting & perfect betting]

I was reading and watching videos at many websites and was intrigued by a few sellers

I contacted some hard-to-find people who had done a lot of research on scanning games with lasers and such

I was concerned that Forester was - perhaps - not able to perform because of his not-perfect English [no offense Forester]

I then considered trying to be more intelligent than that last thought

If someone doesn’t speak English perfectly - or really well - it doesn’t mean they are “stupid.”

MANY people around the world speak another language as their “mother tongue”

Consider - instead - that someone who can articulate details in ENGLISH who is NOT a native English speaker is ahead of MANY of us!

Have you ever tried to learn another language?

I’ve met people who were born English speaking who didn’t speak very well; but who could understand mechanical things - build virtually anything - that most others could only dream of.

I finally concluded - even though Forester was literally half a world away - to buy his device

I can say that I was not scammed nor am I disapointed in any way.

Don’t be swayed by exceptional LOOKING websites or technical jargon in perfect English with exotic scientific data. Focus on what is real. and what adds-up re others’ posts.


Ha, this is a good post.
It is truth, somehow it’s natural if someone makes mistakes when communicating to don’t take him seriously until you establish deeper communication. For me it’s same misconception watching someone standing with his mouth opened half way?
It is the truth I am not talented in languages, in school I have had the worst marks in English but also in my own language. But in all technical subjects I was far the best.

Some people are equally good in all fields. As my sister, she has a mechanical engineering degree, IT science degree, and masters of law. Imagine all that range and all years of education. On top she is extremely good in sports, literature, and art.

FF roulette computers are not my product even I make them.
My idea is zap as a solution for indicating prediction, E2, VB2, IQE6. Vibration is someone else’s idea, someone who modified the FFZ to vibrate and confirmed it as a good solution. For the FFA talking computer credit goes to few people who sent me money months earlier to develop it. Imagine people from all sides of the world send reasonably high amounts of money to someone who they hardly know to encourage him to make something they want.
Different software is result of many suggestions, as you can see in the forums development section. Also significant contribution was with MSN chat or phone, since many people simply do not like to write on the forum.

The first FFZ wasn’t for sale until some fags start calling me a competitor for letting people write about scam they sold them. So for them I was a competitor even I wasn’t selling anything. One went even further, constantly complaining with all dirty trick to my host provider to close the site, and it happened. I changed the provider he tried to convince the new one but he told him to FO.
Same person was claiming to be a scientist, that he is also developing an electronic kidney, researching oceans, having office with 20 people developing his roulette systems. On the end it turned out that he has only high school finished, has no office but only a criminal record for which he served jail because of scamming people. Sad but the truth.
After that I (we) decided to start selling the FFZ but the rage wasn’t the only reason.

Developing hardware and software takes a lot of time it needs many ideas and it needs encouragement.
I don’t believe someone can have an idea then pay programmer in India to write him a program. After program is done there are thousands of things to be tested modified and reprogrammed. Communicating with programmer would take thousands of days to get it all fixed. Someone who ordered the program has no knowledge to go through the program in steps to see what needs to be changed and to experiment with it. On the other side the programmer has no idea about roulette and all required, possible options to make a solution.

I am lucky that I play roulette have a solid understanding and in same time can design hardware and write software. Because of that you can’t find roulette computers as FF’s anywhere else. Of course the easiest solution for people without understanding to make a roulette computer is to find someone to program mobile phone or PDA to simulate roulette computer as the FF. Such devices are not the best solution because of inaccuracy in timing and some other issues as well. Due to the fact that they can’t debug the program themselves and experiment with it, they simply can’t have the best solutions. More complicated applications for mobiles sell for few dollars, why they asking thousands in front you can only guess.

For example the FF roulette computer can have multiple predictions during the same spin. It is great idea with many benefits but until now nobody else could develop it. Why, i don’t hold a patent on it. For such option extreme device accuracy is required and possibility to predict at any moment during the spin which of course is not easy to acheave.

FFZ or FFV can clock rotor at any position, they do not need to calculate rotor movement for all remaining time from moment the rotor is timed. It is a solution that significantly reduces errors caused by mistakes in clocking the rotor and gives to the player amazing flexibility needed in casino environment. There is no such solution available anywhere else……

Bottom line is why casino consultant decided to purchase FF roulette computers for his research? Because of my English or because of his understanding what such devices could do. From all devices on the market available to buy the FF roulette computers are only professionally tested and classified as a threat to the casinos.

Blah bla, bla, you made me talk. Now you can edit the text and correct all mistakes :P.

By the way I forgot to say thanks for the credits.

It is not easy to get it. Few days ago a person called me asking me should he upgrade to the Acrobat, he doesn’t read forum much and he has an old FFZ. During conversation he mention how successful was his last trip $168k profit. I told him he should follow the forum to stay informed and to contribute. He responded, “I assume I should also give you a credit but I don’t want to get involved with people, someone may find my identity” ???

Forester may write in chingrish but his computers work flawlessly. :stuck_out_tongue:

OMG Forester!
Can I say thanks in advance for your sisters phone number? She sounds better than the FFV!

Mike. ;D

Lol, She makes big bucks, every day about same amount as i do with FFV on a lucky night.