Can anyone help me

Since noone is replying in “Systems sales and online casino” section I am opening a new thread in General discussion.
I would like to know about an ebook called Reverse Roulette.
Has anyone had experience with this. I’d really like some help thanks.

Members of this forum are not fans of any roulette mathematical systems.

For good discussion about mathematically based systems your best go would be
Alternatively visit

Ok thanks for your reply. ;D
I was still hoping there was someone would knew more about that.

Common tovariš , you can do better than that.

Reverse roulette is a scam. Same as any other scamming roulette systems is spamming the net.
Player can’t change odds by combining different bets, compounding or progressing with bets doesn’t change anything. So please do not ask again.

Thanks alot
I just wanted to find someone that actually had bought it and not trying to sell me. I’ve not asked for opinion here. I asked for actual experience.

What , someone should write how he was stupid and played it.
Or perhaps how he bought it understood it as a scam and didn’t play it.

If something is scam then its scam, it is irrelevant how someone experienced it.
Reverse roulette system is a scam, take it as a fact, experience or an opinion, who cares.