Cammegh Wheels




On their General Info Specifications page they say…

The theory behind the development of the double axis elliptical €˜scalloped' separator ring is that: A roulette ball fired onto a plane flat surface will leave the surface parallel to a second ball fired parallel to the first.

A roulette ball fired onto a curved plane will not leave that surface parallel to a second ball fired parallel to the first €“ creating a random factor.

It follows that it is extremely difficult to predict the direction of a ball when bouncing from a solid spherical object, and impossible to predict the direction when bouncing from a double axis ellipse. See diagram.

It would be nice to know what the Diagram is that they are referring too?

Their Pitboss Ti calculator/Manager is an interesting development…



I am not sure if those pocket dividers are so bad. I think if ball is ok it shouldn’t be problem. It is hard to see from pictures but for me Continental wheel with small rotor looks the worst.

Well, for Slingshot if rotor randomly changes it depends by how much and at which speed range.
Also how much time remaining after NMB. If they are so confident they should let advantage players bet until last few seconds. Set IQE6 to predict just 1 or 2 sec earlier and if rotor does not change speed drastically it should not be any problem. Other way there is no point of new design they could simply call NMB earlier.

Next question is at which rate the ball decelerates and are diamonds really so small or they only look small. Bottom line is as I always say. Try it if you see advantage play, if not look around maybe there is nice lady at the bar. :wink:

I want to buy a uased roulette wheel. I did nt find one on ebay except small ones. Can someone tell me if the small one is ok? It is made from abs plastic and has a metal ball. I may not afford new wheel.