Cammegh Connoisseur

Tried and Cammegh Connoisseur with FFA
Only for testing and to get some data.
From 13 spins 12 were predicted. ;D
The ball decelerates about 110 ms per rotation at ~ 11 sec. to the end (accuracy 3)
Still prediction was constant, but scatter is a problem.
In opposite direction the ball was traveling constantly 1 sec shorter. ??? ???
Next tiem I’ll check for more but i think it can be well predicted.
Indicator of drop time was according to prediction.

forester we can combat the scatter by the time we pick to play!!!

as you know


This is very wide scatter and it looks strongly dependant on wheel speed as Kelly mentioned.

If I know how much it shifts for rotor from 3 sec to 5 sec I can calculate how much to make delay on last click (set up) to have full adjustment.
For example if 10 n/s rotor scatter is 25 pockets and on 15n/s scatter is 35 if I delay last click 2 sec I’ll have always correct prediction.
Because those 2 sec x (15-10) = 10 same as scatter difference. I’ll have only the offset different by 2x10 pockets.

I need to spend some time to see what is exactly is happening on that wheel.

Next time first I will make sure that I definitely have consistency in predicting drop point.
The ball on this wheel is different it is very quiet (soft).

Because of the scatter versus wheel speed there are multiple problems with defining the correct prediction point using VB on the Connosieurs. First of all it takes a lot of data because you need a significant amount of spins in each wheel speed. If one decides to play all wheel speeds, we end up with not only 1 - 2 reading point areas but an area that might cover for example from 12 o clock to 7 or 8 a clock to have all wheel speeds covered.

Personally i will rather jum every 3rd or 4th spin and keep the reading point area limited.

Ok some update to this.

Same wheel large ball I just gave up on them.

But some wheels do have a small ball and I can get advantage.

With 3.5 sec rotor the ball most of the time jumps 12-27 pockets (~70%).
Since the wheel is new and tilted I get reasonably accurate predictions.

Any new updates of this wheel?
Scatter is really really bad :o

I know this thread is a little old but i would like any updates to this? I think its these wheels in my local casino and i played the other night for the first time using VB and i got very good results and was in to profit in no time :s

It didnt have much scatter at all. The ball was pretty big and seemed not to have so much ‘bounce’. The rotor speed i was good at was 4-4.2 sec/spin. 40% DD.


So ball kind, size and material would make huge differences.

I’ve seen 3 cases.

  1. larger very silent ball, almost close to unpredictable in jumps
  2. smaller ball, still wide scatter but it is predictable, also average jump changes with wheel speed.
  3. Very large ball, it looked reasonable but I did not have time to analyze it since I preferred to play what I was familiar with.

Interesting is that in Melbourne, they have same wheel with inserted kind of Huxley pocket dividers. Also changed numbers, with added 00 right next to single zero.