Cammegh Connoisseur with FF autoplay

Data collected with Autoplay.
DD only one , set 2 samples for each ball direction.

Maybe there was, but I didn’t see any spin where the ball hits other diamonds lol.

Not bad clocking :smiley:

Results after 102 spins ACW, it is unreal I would think scatter distribution is worst then that.
It was with very small ball, reaching 100% advantage. Everything above red line is an advantage.

CW ball direction, not so good but stil Ok, 115 spins.

Sure there was some bad jumps which i didn’t add.

Anyway here is and attached XL.

Acrobat_2_Charts_3m5.xls (279 KB)

This is more interesting.
Perhaps from earlier post everything looks so easy, can’t wish for better, but that is not what happens first time.

Here is from XL scatter chart for CW and ACW ball directions.
Of course it is not scatter chart since it wasn’t used that way but in the case of play and collecting data it can be very usefully analyzed.

Auto play charts are built taking in consideration manual offset if the system is not in auto-play mode, or it takes information from the charts and combines with with what the player types in.

But scatter charts collect data from only what the player typed in.
From the chart you can clearly see that there was 12 direct hits and 16 by 3 pockets distanced.

So it is not so great as it could be if it was simply played in the auto-play mode. 18 times the ball stopped on exactly opposite side.
Confusion come after few results on opposite side with a new dealer spinning the wheel a bit faster. Not faster then 3 sec per rotation since it wasn’t registered in fast-charts but it was close to it.

Good to remember is that scatter charts can actually show quality of play. More hits at position zero , one and eleven is better and it means the player didn’t have to readjust many times.

It is a good example how from maximal possible advantage of ~100% only 10% is achieved. It happens, still 10% of 10k is 1 k .

nice post!

where you predict here? if in the 6-th lap then all samples are together then the same result will be?