Cammegh classic

Cammegh wheels are not any better than john huxley.

You are not very smart if you kill your chicken with golden eggs. And greedy. You are bad for us others. 70k per month from a single wheel.
I see you need to learn some basic things first, try to be less stupid. Its bad for all of us others.

Thanks for the comment. I place my bets based on the average bet of the table. Here in macau people play like really big, i have calculated the table makes around 100k usd per week using average bets of players x 0.027. Playing here doesn’t require memebrship for live games or auto roulette. However, the downside is there are not many wheels here and not all casino has roulette available. There are probably less than 30 in the whole city.

Btw, roulette is really my side business and i have other sources of income too. I ain’t particularly sure what does protect the game means but as a business person, and a lone wolf in roulette (for now), i just know the perfect strategy is either win the most in the shortest period of time or last longer but also not bet too small. I am not part of any roulette secret organization nor part of any agreement and i can play how i want. Speaking to casino managers they ocassionally have people hitting them hundreds of thousands in a week and turn out to be predictive players.

I also think differently as i have multiple businesses and you can make money not just by beating the game but to disrupt the advantage roulette or other gambling communites by implemting AI and create the next Uber/Deliveroo/Shopify of it while making money by passive income, appreciation of shares of a company, etc.

400k might not means a lot to you but it is actually a lot of money.
1.Let’s say I invest in building a house in hong kong, i can turn it into 2million in around 7 years time.
2. I can loan the money out and charge 12%interest rate annually. That is 1million in 10 years’ time.
3. You can use that for an assest for a cash stream monthly and you do not need to work for the rest of your life.
4. The capital in roulette would allow you to play in the biggest casino in the world which is stock market and crypto but will never get banned. There is a book called how to day trade for a living available on amazon and you can expect to make 20%return off your bankroll monthly.

Hello. Very usefull all your comments.
Please can you tell me the author of this book. Because I have found 2-3 different books with the same title.


The author of the book is called Dr. EDWARD O Thorp. According to forbes, he is 800million net worth. However, in his book doesnt say the exact method of how to do it. He is probably one of the best ap out there and I think there are a couple of reason.

  1. He has good maths, statistics, computer programming background.
  2. He is good at working with other people.
  3. He is good at analysing whether a game is worth playing not just the edge/knowledge/math part but also the human part. He switched from casino to stock market because one can never get banned in a stock market.

The real deal is book written by laurance scott and how to detect biased wheel written by caleb johnson and they teach you how to beat roulette in details but you cannot buy it anywhere now.

Using my logic, I can estimate that teams of roulette can make over 100millions U.S.D a year based on the number of casinos, the competitors (how many people actually can beat roulette is much less than blackjack). The best player/team is probably located in the U.S. as there are 2000+ casinos in the U.S. alone, more than other parts of the world combined.

Let’s talk about mistake i have made that you should probably avoid when playing.

  1. Not enough data and play. You should really wait for 3S.D and above before actually using that data for scatter.
  2. When casino rotate the wheel, make sure it doesnt change the scatter. How can you make sure? It is very simple, you just need to mark down the dominant dimaond and the frequency of the ball hittig each diamond, if they stay constant, use the old data, if not, you have to take new data.
  3. Be sure the casino use the same ball
  4. Be very careful of how dealer spin the ball. Usually, same dealer should give the same type of spin for the same direction.
  5. Do bet the minimum when no one plays to get the data as quick as possible. This will save time and increase ev/hour.
  6. Take data of the ball timings and only start clocking when the acc between 2 rotations is big enough, let’s say 0.8s ball then next rev 0.88s for a 3 dominant diamomd wheel. In this example, the ball should have 8 revolution left and you should have plenty of time left to bet.

What is demonstrated in that chart is nonsense, maybe even numbers are taken from the sky… In a few countries, I was absolutely in all existing casinos, and the numbers are significantly less than those in a chart … about 10 times less…

maybe he is best at something for example how to live very long… I saw one of his interviews, and I thought that he was many years as died but he looks quite normal not that he is 91 years old…
Regarding roulette, he tried something but did not reach big victories…
So his main achievements are far not in roulette…

I agree with you that actual land base casino are far less than the nunbers in the chart. The point i try to bring out is that there are so many casinos in the world and it would take lots of years before you are banned in all of them. Lets say you take 100k in one casino, you could have been a billionaire. In the book written by caleb johnson, it saids the semi professional players might actually make more money than professional players becasue they bet soley relying on data and bet big and not be conservative and probably ignore the getting banned factor. The only bad thing that is, it affects other players.

Casino is not a bank and it fights for his money…nobody will let you take these hundreds of thousands…

You very easily can win millions in the lottery, why do you not organize a winning team on the lottery? :grinning:

It is very simple maths, the variance is higher even you have an edge and you need a lot of bankroll. Even so, that wont gurantee you a win! Maybe i dont have enough knowledge on that too!

For roulette, the variance is limited as there are only 37 numbers and you can further control the variance by betting lets say 7, 9, 13 secotor pockets.

However, the main thing in roulette is really to identify when you have an advantage and when you do not and this can be quantfied and with

  1. Ball drop accuracy1
  2. Skill factor
  3. Random factor
  4. Bounce factor
  5. Sector strike
  6. Secotor outcome
  7. Sector length
  8. Total trials

The fact is in the past people had taken them hundreds of thousands and even millions. The real thing is not to say i cannot do it, instead you should ask how to do it.