Buying FFV computer

Im trying to contact Forrester to buy FFV but Im not being able to reach him. Is he active?

You dont need to contact him, you just need to buy it with the link using paypal on myrulet.

I know that, but if he cant answer an email or a message in his forum how can I expect him to mail me a computer?
Just want to make sure everything is ok before buying it.

Dont you know paying through paypal you can get your money back if something happens?

Its not that easy.

Well, 500 usd is not a lot if you can make 5million?
If you dont have the mindset of loosing 500usd, you are not fit to play in a casino. You can loose a lot before you can actually win. Just get a job or make money elsewhere and dont bother about beating roulette.

What a fucking idiot you really are.
You dont seem to have any clue who you are talking to dumbass.

If you are that smart, you wouldn’t be begging for help🤣,just get on with your life! I bet even if someone teach you how to play roulette, you would not be succesful base on your intelligence and mindset. If you are dumb enough to ask such questions, you are the dumb guy! Roulette is not easy, even after you buy ffv, believe it or not, you will just loose all your money.

Professional gamblers are those who actually take risk believe it or not, and a calculated risk, and for a return far outweight the risks, if you are unwilling to take risk, i bet you aren’t even fit for roulette, blackjack, sports betting, trading, being an entrepreneur etc. I personally have lost a few thousand usd before actually starting to make money at a consistent rate and i believe so does other advantage players!

You are nothing more than a scam artist trying to charge for a roulette course when Im positive you havent made a single dollar from any form of casino advantage play. Stop wasting my time.

The sole fact that you think you can teach me about professional gambling shows how much of an ignorant you are.

Don’t worry, i only charge stupid people becasue they are wasting my time! 1hour of talking takes maybe 10 days for stupid people, there are other players on the forum who asked for my help and i help them for free!

The level of activity on this board is mind blowing. It seems there is a lot of people winning at roulette.

Just saw your post! Made another 30k in casino today playing only 6 hours by betting 1unit per number for 5 numbers, up 300ish units, 30% realized edge . That’s 60 ffv worth of money! Good luck with asking questions when there are already answers on the forum! I saw you joined the forum back in 2017 already, what have you been doing in these 7 years? Are you a casino undercover?

Sorry for the delay, I was riding my magic unicorn to visit Peter Pan in Neverland and got hung up.

You honestly think winning 30k in a day is a lot of money?:rofl: and that 30%edge is considered a strong wheel? The answer is no, it is just an ordinary 2pin game on 1 direction, 3 pin game in the other. There are still up and downs!

There are wheels with like 100%edge! And you just can’t seem to loose.