Bruno Roulette Secrets

Brunos Roulette Secrets - Beat The House

If you like playing The Roulette, learn the secret to beating the house and walking home with money in Bruno Roulette Secrets ebook. You don’t have to be a whiz-kid or a genius to use methods described in the book because the computer did all the hard work. It is an easy, paint-by-numbers system that anybody can follow to make maximum profits.

In “Brunos Roulette Secrets” book you’ll find:

* The best roulette betting systems
* What "staying with the same inside bet" means and why people who don't do this lose big time...
* The five numbers strategy
* The 9 number split
* How to spot 'good luck' in the room and actually steal it...
* Why you should always keep track of the winning numbers...
* The European bankroll strategy where the power of focus is everything...
* Advanced strategies and indepth discussions
* One of the most simple and most powerful roulette systems...
* Advice from the martial arts masters that will FORCE you to win thousands in the casino instead of losing them...
* A short recap of the 9 type of bets, 5 roulette systems, 8 truisms and 12 simple strategies that will transform you into a sure casino winner almost overnight.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction 4
  2. History 6
  3. How The Game Is Played 12
  4. Systems and Strategies 22
  5. Five Betting Systems That Fail 24
  6. 12 Betting Strategies That Work 30
  7. Some Advanced Strategies 36
  8. Tested online Casinos 40
  9. Winning Is Up To You 41


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Pftt another “system” that’s useless. It’s also not “free”.
Every time you do a survey, the uploader (in this case, I’m guessing steelseries) will get money.

yeah look another tip

Look for an European single zero roulette table that offers the ‘In Prison’ or the ‘La Partage’ rule - these rules are to the advantage of the player and will further reduce the casinos edg