Blacklist probability

Hello everyone,

I want to share my experience that ı lived at one casino.
I have been visiting this casino since 2016 april.From that time to now ı have visited every two three weeks for two days. There was a good tilted wheel first ı was betting one or two call bet by five.and generally ı was returning to my home with 2000-3000 $ profit. I never lose there.So months passed and ıt was january 2017 they called me and say that can you please raise your bet size.

I said ok.ı was their casino customer and everytng was free for me(hotel airport transfer and staying at the hotel) so ı raised and ı began to make 10000-15000 $ average and ıt went till last week like this.from april 2016 till last week croupiers were spinning the wheel 4-5 sc average. But my last visit they were spinning the wheel below 2 sc so it was too fast to spot the exact speed and the scatter was more chaotic.ı lose some money and ı stopped.the other day one of the cropier that ı was close called me and said that the grand pit boss gave all of us an order.(you will spin the wheel fast as possible.)

Now ım thinking that ıf ı use cross over tecnıc maybe ı can overcome this situation but ım curious that ıf ı make profit again can they put me to the blacklist.what are your opinions.

You are right!
I think they want their money back, and if not, then you will find your name on this black list.
They still know what you did.
That’s my opinion.

By my opinion Laurance’s Cross over on 2s rotor may sound good in theory, where the time of rotor matches the time of last ball rotation. Problem is that you still have some mistakes with rotor clocking on such fast rotor. Another problem is the ball traveling time deviation.

Even if you predict with same amount of rotations to the end of spin , the ball traveling time to your dominant diamond may deviate 0.5-1s. Even it is 0.5s on such fast rotor it would make 9 pockets mistakes. As you said jumps may be more chaotic, so your advantage may drastically drop.

Europe casinos sucks, everywhere you have to register and give your details.

Exactly forester.But if there is any chatter ball noise it seems that ball’s remaining time is quite consistent after 1sc/r ball speed.but yet there is a problem of exactly spotting the wheel speed is waiting us! And if there is no chatter ıt means ball track surface is smooth so ıts more likely that ball can make extra rotation or remaining time spectrum is much more.
İs there any chance to win at europe casinos? Are they all spinning the wheel so fast? I heard that niko tosha winned but then he gave all of it at europe. How did it happened ı couldnt understand

Thanks for your opinion :+1::slight_smile:

On a tilted wheel one diamond group’s wider range of ball speeds. So the diamond for example can group 1000-1100ms ball speed ranges. Even if all ball speeds in between 1000-1100ms make same amount of rotations; 1000ms ball of course will make it in shorter time.

I don’t live in EU but I did not see that they spin fast. They do it when someone is winning.

I don’t know about that, he lost some money but on some investements.