Binocular glasses that make roulette numbers 3 to 4 times larger

Over the last few days I have been doing some research on obtaining a pair of hands free binocular glasses that would make roulette numbers 3 to 4 times larger than it’s actual size. The problem I encoiuntered is that for the most part, binocular glasses only work if you are standing atleast 10 feet away. It might actually be pretty slick to try standing alteast 10 feet away from the wheel if you just wanted to track the wheel without playing. YOu would even have plenty of time to walk to the table and place your bets after you have been tracking that wheel for some time from a distance. The only problem is that these binocular glasses because of the way they are made might raise a red flag.

So I came up with plan b, something called tv glasses, that was designed to watch tv atleast 3 feet away and make your tv screen appear twuice it’s regular size. That could also be used while observing the roulete wheel making sure you are standing atleast 3 feet away, which is only about 36 inches from the wheel. That would make the roulette numbers appear twice there normal size, and thus would make it twice as easier to conduct VB and use FF which requires one to observe the exact number at the time of the zap.

whats nice is that these tv glasses do not look like binocular glasses that would raise a red flag if worn in any casino. they just look like a regular pair of glasses. Compare the 2 different types of glasses- - TV GLASSES AND THAN LOOK AT THE STYLE OF HOW BINOCULAR GLASSES ARE MADE.

  1. tv glasses - - 2X COIL TV Magnifying Glasses (2nd producet from top) - - -

  2. binocular glasses- - 2.8X Sports Spectacles ( 3rd product from top)- - -

I’ll probably purchase both pairs, that way, I would wear the binocular glasses just in case I wanted to clock the wheel from a distance of about 20 feet away- - - since at that distance from the wheel, no one woild be paying me much mind- - - and I would use the tv glasses standing right next to the wheel to make the roulette numbers appear twice there regular size.

Can’t say I’d have the balls to wear a pair of those things ANYWHERE spock.

They would make you look like some kind of borg.

And the borg are your enemy yes? :stuck_out_tongue:

do you do vb on dvd at home?

hows your success in general?

I’d steer well clear of suspicious apperatus attatched to your noggin in the casino though!!! ;D

the tv glasses, 2X COIL TV Magnifying Glasses, looks pretty much like a regular pair of glasses precribed by an eye doctor. the toughest battle of VB is just simply being able to see the numbers correctly. So yes, since those glasses would give me a much bigger advantage and make all the numbers as big, than I would wear them. Since they look like a pair of prescibed reading glasses, no one can legally make you take them off. Not even God.

Now as far as the binocular glasses goes, that yes I would agree with you, that might be pushing it a little to far since no one will believe that those were glasses were actually presribed by my eye doctor.

legally take them off you or not, they can legally kick you out if they want. No reason needed.

I think not to draw attention in the first place is the trick, but I like that your looking outside the box(bigtime!!!) with regards to the subject of beating the shit out of the roulette wheel.

yes, sitting at the blackjack table looking towards the roulette wheel with a pair of supergoggleglasses, I really don’t see it.
anyway t.v. glasses only double the size of everything and your standing 3 times further away. if standing at the wheel then they might think your trying to burn a hole in the rotor, magnifying the power of your retina, although this might not be such a bad thing as they might just think your nuts.

What type of casinos do you play in? this is not a smart comment i really would like to know.
have you been gambling in casinos for years or are you relatively new…by new i mean gambling in casinos for 5 years or less, not that there is anything wrong with that I would just like to know.

anyway hows your success so far with VB, do you actually have a system thats giving dividends, do you play regularly, do win regurlary(relatively)??

Hardly that I would ever just watch the wheel.

I always play no matter do I have advantage or not.

The difference is that if I do not know if I have advantage I play small amounts.
Placing 5 units on splits or corners. If I think it is ok to play I gradually increase bets.
On the end I may end up placing 40 units in few sec. of time. That is a skill.

I don’t make many mistakes but sometimes it happen.
Roulette can be strange game full of coincidences.
Recently I was playing. Every time when ball stops at 29, 7, 28, 12 I have much more chips on 7 and 12 because it is closer to me and 28-29 in usual I drop few units as split.
And all the time 28 or 29 was coming.
Finally prediction was 12 I placed 5 units on top of 12.
And 12 come.
Then I looked, I made mistake I placed it on 9 which is right next to 12.
Mistake as that I probably make once in few hundred spins, what a coincidence.

yes, sometimes when i see result i am surprised to see i have chips on there at all!!!

is nice this way but when your number comes up and you don’t bet on it…then we look confused as ordinary punter!!!

You do not need glasses, but you need to know number order and position where they are.

On video I had a bit of trouble because all was to small. I used only ½ of monitor because rest was control for camera and player.

When I do testing I use on 56" TV.
VB of FF I can always spot on exact number.
In casinos if you are distanced, even if you use glasses you will have problem because you will not see much of ball track.

To see only small part of ball track isn’t good for any computer.

Because when we observe ball for longer we can better expect when it will arrive to clocking point. If the ball suddenly comes from area which we can’t se it wouldn’t be so good clocking.

Hi,everybody, resently l found a conditions there binocular glasses would be helpfull…
The difficult part of the situation is that glasses like that are crasy highteck appearence…
The solution would be to simulate binocular glasses with contact lents and a pair of regular glasses. I’m investigating the matter now…

wow!!! I am surprised you was able to find one my posts from over 5 years ago. Keep us updated with how you made out!!! :wink:

[quote=“Dr.Spock, post:9, topic:173”]wow!!! I am surprised you was able to find one my posts from over 5 years ago. Keep us updated with how you made out!!! ;)[/quote]its possible but tricky, see first telescope made, there was an object to cut some part of the light between lenz, something fixed between eyes and glasses is needed… however l abandoned the ideia, now focused on automated wheels with random rotor asseleration… it not so rendom :stuck_out_tongue: and l can stand or seat near them without stupid dealers to play ageinst me