Bias wheel data taking for strike number

Hi guys, when you are taking data of the strike number for bias wheel, just wanna know if you guys take the number of the ball when first hit the pocket, number ring?

Well it does ain’t it really matter. As Long you have the same reference point.

But to answer your question. My reference is when the ball leaves the track

Hi fat gambler,

I think i dont agree with you becasue,

  1. When the ball hit the diamond, it might hit different part of the diamond and produce different orbit decay pattern. Each orbit decay pattern are casued by the ball hitting the top, middle, bottom part of thr diamond. This is caused by the level of tilt or if the ball track has some defect.

  2. For each orbital decay pattern we quantify, we test the aversge distance of ball under a quantified wheel speed, first striking the pocket/fret becasue there might be some defect causing the ball such that lets say the fret of 0 is loose, the aversge strike to final number of lets say strike 0, the distance might be 2 pockets away under a medium wheel speed. Using physics, the high the wheel speed, the further that the ball might bounce. However, there exisit a sweet speed where the momemtum of the ball cancel out the momemtun of the wheel speed so we need to be careful and write down notes.

  3. We also need to quantify the direction of the wheel and air pressure and dealer and also the dealer who spins the ball

The more data we quantify, the higher advantage we get but it also depends on the accuracy of the data