Beware device is deadly accurate

Forester.Do you know Barnett has your latest device?

Yes, i supply devices to casino so they can educate how to prevent scam.

As if i have a choice. :-\

I stayed puzzled how could you know that? ???

Last year I purchased a roulette prediction computer from MZ Electronics with a view to testing and reporting on it’s effectiveness.

I carried out some tests on a wheel with a very good drop-zone; the results were excellent.

I then handed the device over to a client casino for further testing on a new wheel, which had not yet been commissioned.

A synopsis of the testers findings can be found here: -

Last week I purchased another device from MZ Electronics. This device is far more sophisticated than the first device in its operation and operator feedback.

This device has a synthesized voice output, comprehensive menu system and Bluetooth communication.

The device was tested on a modern Huxley wheel, which was displaying a solid drop-zone.

The device was set to play a drop-zone wheel and calibrated for time-to-drop.

The device provided extremely accurate predictions.

The device output only one error (would not produce a prediction) over several dozen trials. This is vastly better than the previous tests.

This device would provide a very significant advantage to its user against a wheel with a drop-zone and manageable scatter.

We then adjusted the level of the wheel in an attempt to remove the drop-zone and create a random ball fall-off point.

The device was then set to play a so-called “level” wheel and the time-to-drop was set.

The device provided predictions on every spin without error.

We observed that when the device said “now” (this is the point at which the computer predicts the ball will fall from the rim) the predicted number was directly under the ball.

On some occasions the ball travelled one more revolution after the device said “now”. Had the ball not travelled one further revolution the prediction would have been accurate.

The device was providing predictions nearly twelve seconds from the end of the spin.

We will carry out further tests but I strongly suspect that the drop-off revolution will be predicted with greater accuracy if the device is set to perform calculations one or two revolutions later.

It should be noted that we were only interested in the predictive accuracy of the device (which was very, very good) not the end result, which is influenced by the behavior of the ball after it has entered the rotor.

This is a well-made professional device. I understand from its manufacturer that it has sophisticated error correction algorithms designed to smooth out operator clocking errors and prevent the unit from providing a prediction if the parameters are out of specification.

This device is capable of providing its operator with a significant advantage under varying conditions unless consideration is given to the ball behavior after it enters the rotor.

You may want to check where your most recent sales went!

Well I did know by your IP that you are from WA, but thought it might be someone else who somehow is in contact with MB.

Are you trying to make me to sell more devices so you get more work for yourself?

The device was providing predictions nearly twelve seconds from the end of the spin.

Set it one step down, to predict about 8-10 sec. ;D

With dominant drop you wouldn’t be much wrong even if you use 15 sec.

Can you tell me what did system say for ACC. probobly 14.0-15.0

You see FF can also can be used to measure surface smoothness on roulette wheels.
Maybe Huxley should buy as a quality control device.

ha haaa im not the enemy.

I also get the impression his work is drying up so what better way, give a good report, maybe show casinos how to detect it with his latest gizmo, and bingo! some more money comes rolling in. :wink:

Arn’t you MB?

How did oyu get that info?

Cmon Forester, go to his site :smiley:

It was only last week I was chasing Jafco etc.

Dont think MB would be too fussed. :slight_smile:

Arnold if you know so much about roulette computer, do you know where i can find the scanner that the ritz team used?

Yous read my previous post.
go to Mb site and get the same info ::slight_smile:


So he published some info.
First I thought that you were MB.

No, it is not a big secret and we already know that he bought it…
At my last article I explained it.
Earlier he also was recommending FF to his colleagues.

Also members do have more information than that.

I only did not expect him to be so positive and so excited, much more then for FFZ.

“The device was deadly accurate, uncanny, really!”

I do not know how much you are aware but, if you’ve been around long you would know that FFA wasn’t for sale to public until 2009.

Once when it I available there is no control who will purchase it and with which objective.

One is for sure, what I write, and talk does have meaning to people with understanding, and makes then interesting in to product, also interest can be triggered by what other members write.

Anyway it isn’t a big a deal since casinos already know more then we do.

I do get personal satisfaction, because MB expanded to me what really happened last time.
First time he tested FF only on wheel with dominant drop point and result was ok,
For leveled wheel she shifts FF overseas.
It was tested on brand new wheel which have never been used.

It explains why system couldn’t predict many spins. That program was limited to narrower parameters then FF, it couldn’t handle wheel where the ball decelerates to slow.

Also, who knows, he got first version of program which I converted to new chip. It could be some mistakes.
He offered me to send old chip if I want to investigate what really happen but there is no point since program is protected and I do not have source file any more.

I can understand his behavior at that time, on one side he was expecting negative results on level test and believe everything was just empty talk, on the other side he was confused, because I did talk to him a lot and he could find logic in everything I told him.

Especially when I gave him more explanation, but that was after he already published test results. I assume that was what made him to want purchase FFA instantly when it was finished, a year ago, but I refused to supply it.

Quote.No, it is not a big secret and we already know that he bought it…

I’ve not read everything that is on this site and just thought that you had banned him and refused to give him knowledge of your latest developments.

So you knew he was purchasing your latest. Don’t you think that is a very bad idea for people who already have it?
He can now go away and set up methods/devices for casinos to catch your players using it.

Its like Israel selling atomic bombs to Iran. ;D

I didnt know it was on open sale. Thought it was only available to people he has confidence in.

Forester does his very best for all of us… but he’s not the CIA… he can only make assessments of the people he deals with via their few written words on his forum and in their emails… it wouldn’t be difficult for casino security or the various self-proclaimed gaming experts (Barnett) to establish a rapore then gain access to his products using concocted identities. Casino’s are not stupid and they know there are wiz-kids out there constantly looking for ways to undermine their profits (by fair or foul).


I received some update,

Today they tested FF in various casino conditions, even guy who first time was testing FFZ come, since Mike showed him on video effectives of device.

Tilt was perfect , IQE6 was perfect in late prediction, changed to early, still very good predictions but some of accuracy was lost.

And then,

“one of testers pressed the switch too hard and we lost that firm “click” that you get with membrane switches so I called the tests off for today”

Nothing new ! ;D

This will probably be the longest and most detailed test ever done.

I got some data (for my eyes) everything is analyzed, in normal play then in slow motion.
What did system predict, where did ball hit rotor, when did system say NOW, where did ball stop, which diamond it hits, how much it jumps…etc.
Then repeat each group of test test 10 times to check for consistency of prediction

Here is a screenshot but it goes forever long.

…and as soon as the tests are finished MB will sell the results to all the Casino’s in the world and offer his services to prevent the FFZ and FFA destroying them.

Hey Forester do you reckon the FFA is good enough to predict what number the ball in my avatar will drop into? ;D ;D ;D

Well I wouldn’t say that he can sell results.
He would sell same as he always sells, knowledge about such devices.
FF is not the only one or something new. Maybe for leveled wheel, but who knows what else is around?

Also I do not believe that there is any casino which is not aware of such devices.

Hey Forester do you reckon the FFA is good enough to predict what number the ball in my avatar will drop into?

No it can’t predict it, but I’ll work on it as long as the avatar is here! ;D

Hi Forester,

Can you send me your file so that i can analyze? And is it with unlimited device or FFA?


I can’t send you someone elses work.

I got to look at it only because at one stage they had a problem so they asked me for opinion.