Best roulette computer?

Hello forum,

i read more information on roulette computer.

but at this time what is the best computer?

Mark anthony? Stefano? John (Pred7) ? Myrulet?


FF, that and it has unlimited support from the creator himself. But im telling you now, having a roulette comp is not enough, you actually have to know what youre doing with it and willing to dedicate a lot of time orelse you’ll just lose all your money.

Myrulet FF roulette computers are the best !!! :-*


You should read results of survey. It’s done only by people who own at least one roulette computer.

@Gambler, please check your PM, I sent you some info about wheels.


No doubt FF devices are far far the best. You cannot compare them with other toys, and of course you need also a good table and some knowledge :wink:


Do us and yourself a favour

dont go near stafano , and hey,please never mention stefano in the same sentence as the FF ::slight_smile:

Look around to see who offers the best support,without that ,is like having no batteries for your device

for the record Foresters support(for me) was ,well to say the least could have been a bit more intensive

200 hours on msn in about the first month of purchasing (IMO) was simply not enough,giving me excuses that he had other members that also needed his time :P… he could never seem to comprehend that MY quistion where faaaaar more important than theyrs where

ooh AND he used the IM TIRED I NEED TO SLEEP ONE on me many a time,

ok cya for now ,and choose wisely

but on a serious note ,Forester IS THE REAL DEAL


And you tutor the other person about FF, who is making more money then you.
So I was a bad tutor. :stuck_out_tongue:


I owned all the computers available on the market. Firstly Mark Howe predict roulette PDA, then Stefano’s nokia phone and at last Forester’s FF.

The first two are mere scams. Not only they are expensive for the vendor to make a big margin, but also they do not work.

Stefano’s nokia phone first version worked with a pre-determined ball clicks (2,3,4,5,6). It is the version I bought, it was advertised as giving a 1 in 16 hit rate on modern level wheels. It was of course a big lie. Several people complained about it and asked refunds from Stefano but he refused. I had to make pressure on him to finally get my refund (not 200% as it is advertised on his website though).
As everybody claimed it was a crock of shit and really gave predictions all around the wheel, Stefano had to change his software. What did he do? He COPIED FF principles, that is to say, catching a specific time frame, no matter how many clicks it needs to. That’s what he demonstrated on his video, but still it was not ok and didn’t match FF perfection.

Stefano pretends to be the best roulette expert in the world with a lot of partners and technicians and developers, mathematicians, physicians etc… but he had to steal the work of a genuine single guy (Forester) trying to make a decent product. Problem for Stefano is Forester is not a scammer and does not sell his product for 15,000$ like Stefano, so he is having a hard time to sell his garbage.

His system is the same shit. I challenged him on August 2010 that he can’t rise his initial bankroll 6 times bigger at an online Casino. Surprisingly he accepted (certainly abusing coca ¯ne) saying it was so easy for him… One year later, he lost his initial bankroll or didn’t touch one single chip… LoL.

Hats down for Forester, the only one who forces admiration.

Klorane, I found myself reading alot to discover the the answer to the same question
not that long ago. The only person I ended up contacting was, Forester who also
lives on a different continant so if I was to be scammed it wasn’t like I could pay a visit.

Needless to say not only did I never have any concerns over whether, Forester was
an honest guy he seems one of the most honourable I have came across. His work
is extremly good and this shows in the FF but read the forum for more info because
no roulette comp will give you a blank cheque book like some scammers woul like to

Roulette is not fair.
I just found out;

Guy plays FFV
He clock one spin, then selects 2 from menu and play in unlimited mode.
He doesn’t use any other options he even doesn’t understand them but he makes nice money.

All he asks me is when i will make even smaller FFV :o

The point of this is how much difference it makes where you play.

Thanks you for you all answer.

Do you know if Sam48203 received his computer or if Mark A. do a refund?

klorane, you arent going to get unbiased opinions here. For an opposing viewpoint, see and especially

Also comparison and if you really want an accurate answer to your question, you will have to look at every bit of information there carefully.

[quote=“klorane, post:11, topic:699”]Thanks you for you all answer.

Do you know if Sam48203 received his computer or if Mark A. do a refund?[/quote]

No he didn’t receive it.
Nobody do refund, it’s all empty promises to scam people.
If I advertise as that I would have to make thousand FF’s every year.
What Bag wrote, was under extreme circumstances therefore he succeeded?

klorane, you arent going to get unbiased opinions here. For an opposing viewpoint, see and especially

Also comparison and if you really want an accurate answer to your question, you will have to look at every bit of information there carefully.

Here you can see an act of desperation and madness.
Lnks and sites are made and written by Stefano to discredit other peoples work, there is many more sites he created. For some time at his roulette system reviews site, where he was pretending to be someone else giving roulette reviews to manipulate and trick people to buy his system was reviewed as scam, :o (I never cared what sick person writes) it was as that until casino investigator purchased FFA and FFZ and made a review. Then Stefano had to change it to not look as a complete idiot.

You can read review here

Someone who made that post with so many links is hiding his IP address, who that might be?
Links he refers to are all Stefano’s (Steven) sites, but he forgot to add one the most important.


Where Stefano was sentenced for 2 years jail for scam.

But yes, you should read and what he writes.

As i expected, he is so predictable.
10 minutes after I made this post and banned the person who published so many links, to by my opinion scam sites. Stefano already made post at his forum about this. I still left links people can enter and look sites if they are really interested. Check how many active links he left at his forum or I better say forums, to this site, he banns all people who even mention this site.


One post here


Then in 10 minutes he runs to VLS and writes his first post.

Would it be hard to guess who he is.
But let me check.
XcDent make one active link in your post at vls to or
And I’ll make all your links active.

Wondering will this guy ever stop?

I would just leave him to it, seen that roulette wars page before and it just made
me laugh that someone thinks a good selling tecnique is to consider a script so
evidently written for gain in confidence in one persons direction will not be sussed
by the reader, then write about “unbiased opinions” here as a great recourse for
such a move.

It also made me chuckle to think the hours he probably took to make that page
meant he had no orders to take down to the post office or nothing to do in the
casino, lol.

Probably does himself more damage than good then any other.

For what people discuss here about his systems he blames me.
I didnt want to make comment or to be involved until XcDent made a post.
And I still don’t want to be involved have some very important things to do.

This is better; let’s make Viper happy.

FFA when have good set is deadly accurate with nearly 60% of dealers in my “home” casino on slightly tilted wheels. I’m the only player there who have truly positive results for last 2 years, and from the end of last year(new viper program) my balance is better and better.
They change balls for brand new ones with bigger scatter, they changing temperature explaining problems wit air condition, they calling NMB 8-9 spins b4, and … they pays! I do not understand why they still tolerate me.
Can you advice :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: "

FF - ACROBAT is the best roulette computer.
FF-Acrobat is a software thats in development for the new generation of FF roulette computers.

It’s different.

Hey guys thanks for your great contribution. I also had some question but all are clear now.

:wink: I vouch for Forester.

and… Stefano is a wank.