Best Live Dealer casino online?

Hi Guys…

[font=comic sans ms]I am a fan of the Live Dealer casinos on-line.

Can anyone advise which they think is the best and why?

Also can anyone advise the worst and why?

Any response very much appreciated.



Dublinbet: Pros: Never heard or had winnings withdrawal refused.
No problem during play with the outcome software.
Support is fast and serious.

             Cons: You can't have any advantage against their wheels.

Look at this online casino with real dealers:

It is a real casino based in Malta Island.

It is not advertised online as Dublinbet, but it’s unknown to most online players.

I know it because I have been there in person many times as vip guest with ospitality offered by the casino.

PROS: - The conditions are better than Dublinbet, more like a real casino. It can often be applied dealer signature method.
- You can see real players at the table (more often than Dublinbet)
- possibility of betting very later (3 or 4 revolutions before the ball drop)
- bet limit double of dublinbet (50 euros en plein!!)
CONS: - being a real casino the game is very slow (also five minutes or more of waiting between a spin and the next when there are many live players)
- payment slower than dublinbet (during the week-end they don’t make payments, but only from tuesday to friday). They take 10 euros for the bank transfer
- in the first revolutions the wheel is not well framed
- software in flash, sometimes slow to load.

Let me know your impressions.


[quote=“Bago, post:2, topic:747”]Dublinbet:
Cons: You can’t have any advantage against their wheels.[/quote]
Could you please detail why we can’t have any advantage against their wheels?Thanks…

I had forgotten another PRO of

It is possibile to play 2 live roulette tables at the same time (impossibile with Dublinbet!)

What do you mean , Online or when you are there in Dublin ?

The Great Sachsen , Dad and Son had been there for more
than 1 year very successful , after that time the Casino
changed the wheels the Sachse said.
Since then it shouldn’t be possible to win by wheelwatching,

but it’s not carved in stone, maybe an other AP could win,
in some month I will try.