Best IPTV subscription to use

Does anyone uses IPTV, any reviews?

You think that for all is clear what is that IPTV?

Something as this

I am not sure what you mean by IP TV - I use google chromecast.
And Netflix for movies and series and other apps to stream other local tv shows.

I have 100 Mbit up and 100 Mbit down with fiberoptic.

Everyone at home has there own apps in the mobile phone that works as the remote control to the TV with google chromecast.

I find this solution cheaper than others because Netflix goes for 9$ and Common TV channels 9$
That is around 18$ when larger digital TV package from company takes everything from 10$ to 50$ for different packages and solutions.

Also, you can use Spotify and Youtube and Computer with google chromecast.
That you cant do with digital TV box.

I pay Foxtel cable $120, Netflix $10, Optus TV $20
but to watch overseas channels and video on demand I need IPTV.
There are many IPTV providers with ~5000 channels to watch, under $200 a year.

I read about IPTV and the benefit is the cost and amount of channels. The downside is that you can only watch on one device. Is strictly forbidden to watch on several devices at the same time.


Can watch on few devices as well, not at the same time but with some you can have that option as well.
I was more looking for information about the quality of providers from someone who is using IPTV.