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Hello everyone!

I would like to announce, that my YouTube channel: Donna Amon’s YouTube channel is going Patreon.
If you like my work, support my channel and become a patron: become a patron!

Here is a small introduction:

There was a time, I was looking for some good-quality roulette footages on the web, because I wanted to start to understand the roulette-mechanics. It was not possible to find good stuff. So I decided to buy a roulette wheel to learn more about this magic game.

About a year later, I made up my mind to make my own high-qality roulette footages. And here we are now…
Before you go to a casino you have to make sure that your betting strategy can succeed. If not - do not go to a casino, simply just let me know.

On my YouTube channel you can watch my productions for-free. I have monetized each video, because this takes a lot of time to make a video until it’s on my channel.
Also you can visit my website:

My goals are simple:

  • making more video content for specific roulette wheels;
  • create Patron-specified (desired) roulette videos;

***Support my channel and you will get some special conditions.

Thank You very much!!!

Great job very good roulette videos

thanks a lot.

I moved your post to advanced play section, because sales section often is full of rubbish so I occasionally delete all posts.

Please check out my new video preview on my YouTube-Channel:
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