Ball track chatter causing unstable timings

Anyone notice that on some older wheel or the way a dealer spins the ball, there appers to be a chatter sound. This casues very different timings to if the ball is spun in a way without that sound. Perhaps the ball track is damaged. I also notice that lets say on some wheels, it would casue a dimaond to be more dominant that others in lets say anticlowise direction but not clockwise even the casino routinely rotate and level the wheel.

I have thought on how to solve the problem and the easiest way is to avoid playing when you hear the sound or wait until the sound disappear before start clocking.

Anyone got thoughts on this?

Yes, bad ball tracks screw up predictability, especially is you’re only timing the ball.

Suggestion: Keep your eyes on the ball and watch to see just how smooth the ball is on each spin. If you see ball bounce/chatter then learn to incorporate this shortening of the ball distance into your predictions.

Ball timing can get you an edge, but going to the next level requires adding in ball chatter as well.

Hi snowman, i get the idea. I will try to focus more on this while i am playing next time. I think i might have a solution as i recall my previous playing sections, will pm you the details when i test it out next time. Will save a lot of time adjusting to the ball timings and can avoid taking all new profiles i guess.