Ball Speed vs Rotor Speed



Lets say you have two spins, one spin you keep the ball speed the same but change the rotor speed. Another spin you keep ball speed constant but change the rotor speed.

Which would have more effect on final drop point in terms of pockets? Ball speed or rotor speed?



Are you trying to do away with measuring wheel speed and just focusing on how far the ball is traveling against the wheel to find patterns?

That will work somewhat at faster rotor speeds. The problem is if you’re predicting more than 16 or so seconds out you’re not going to have very accurate measurements because your wheel speed measurements and ball speed measurement’s aren’t going to be “grainy enough” or “fine tuned” enough to give much accuracy.


Of course rotor, the ball with different speeds can come to the same place, but different wheel cant gave the same result ( only if the wheel will do +/-1 rotation )


Not sure if the question is correct.
How much different is the ball speed or rotor speed, it changes everything?
The question is in VB section; it may be tilted wheel, some changes in ball speed may almost have no change on the result. Roulette rotor speed always has changed to the result but again the question is how much and how far to the end. You may have 5s to the end of spin and rotor 1p/s faster making it only five pockets shift to the final result, where the ball drops. On the other side, a small change on the ball may result in significantly different result regardless of how far from the end of spin you measure it.

If you look in percentage as 10% of the change in the ball speed definitely will make a greater difference than the 10% change on the rotor speed, if the measurement is within prediction limit time to the end of the spin.


I should be really dumb…
What is the difference between those two spins??

Lets say you have two spins…

spin 1: “one spin you keep the ball speed the same”
spin 2: “Another spin you keep ball speed constant”

spin 1: “but change the rotor speed”
spin 2: “but change the rotor speed”

end “quoting”

Doesn’t “same” and “constant” mean the same?


Must be such - are some spin with some ball deceleration and some wheel speed Name it sample… In one spin we change ball speed, but the rotor is the same, in the second change rotor, but the ball is ideal the same.


Otter, you can use a thumper and set it to 0.5 sec, that is very short time intervals so you will guarantee to see a number below vertical deflector when the thumper vibrates. Then you can count three or four vibrations and watch the new reference number and see how many pockets rotor travel during that time.
Each time you get the exact same pocket distance between two reference numbers you will have the exact same rotor speed.

One solution is to use zero always to make the calculation and visual read easier.
But you don’t need thumper or any device to clocking rotor speeds.
And can mapping a wheels rotor speed only with eye observation.
If you want to know how you can send me a personal message.
Because we have a rat on the forum that wants free stuff and after that claim, it is his own solutions and development.