Ball scatter question

Hi guys. I got a question about ball scatter . Let’s say u walk in the casino . How do u guys identify a roulette which u can beat . ? How many spins is enough . Is it good to get it on the video ? I don’t ask the exact details , I understand nobody will share the way they do but some common information will be good . I appreciate it . Thank u guys .

What I dont understand is how nobody ever thought ‘‘Hey someone must have asked this question before’’
Thats why theres a ton of posts in the forum where its mentioned in a ton of places
Take your time and read them all, it will help you understand the gameplay better while you are at it

Yes from your previous post I personally think 100 is enough.Pop in another 100 just in case - but still it depends on certain speeds and wheels… there might not be a pattern but on some speeds there will be
You cant calculate or know how a ball will jump x amounts of pockets every time , you take the most average distance from your data

You cant have a film crew in there making a movie its illegal, casinos dont allow cameras