Baccara system strategie

hi together
is somebody here wich now a good strategie for baccara

in my casino start to offer the play baccara
for gneral i think is same as you play red or black by roulette (for the chance you have)

maybe somebody is a specialist here :wink: and can me help


For educated player bacarat is much worse game, than simply blackjack, if is possible to count cards.
Even if shuffle mashines and play on last window often are situattions when BJ player can have slight advantage.
Plus in baccarat house have about 1,1% advantage on BJ house advantage often is around 0.4%

Worst thing is that in baccarat is not possible to change something like that possible to do in BJ or in roulette. In Baccarat almost not works counting cards and minimal works shufle tracking…

thank you for information
i have think we can do something because the haus nur 1,1% advantage .
maybe with a little progression…

Progression nothing change, will be still like play for fun with minus expectation.
Usually is better to play some kind of lite bias, with that usually have something near 0% without many job and when is around 0 then is possible to use some kind betting strategy…

ok… thank you very much for answere