Auto roulette

I want your opinion about auto roulettes. I am from argentina . Y had study autos very years and for me somes are rigged or maybe alls. For example zuum auto roulette . Auto dont make that manual do. I think are rigged. I know about vb. I see on this auto that makes rare physical movements that is imposible. I know how they works but i think that are rigged. Someone here knows about zuum roulettes. Air compressed shots.

From the Admiral that i have scouted it seems that it has RRS. After NMB, it seems that the voltage to engine that spins the rotor is cut. So the rotor retards on the friction from the motor.
I just like you wrote the ball seems to have a weird retardation. I dont trust them, so dont play them.

Hello . Yes it has rrs , and all . But the autos are rigged.

It sounds stupid but they choise the number or sector.