Anyone with questions about roulette don’t ask Lyeboyn… He’s retarded

This guy is literally dumb claiming he’s the one who invented advantage play and accusing me being someone else on this form out of nowhere.

Hahaha. He is a scammer too! He charged me 4000usd for something he didn’t invented for too and very expensive for an ffz!

Guess what, what he said was not important but only for premilmary data or scouting! he omitted some very important things!

He claimed that he had won millions shuffle tracking in blackjack but i had never seen him won for more than probably 30 trips that i played blackjack with him. I sometimes bet behind him but never win. I better off follow my game on normal card counting and would have made more money.

He lured me into paying 4000usd for the course by false facts.

  1. The book he possess called how to visually detect biased wheel written by snowman is so rare that he is 1/14 people who has it. But guess what, i think many people on this forum who has it, definietly more than 1/14! If it is so valuable, there is literally a guy selling the book for 200usd on the forum!

  2. He told me a guy he taught won hundred of thousands in casino, but never showed any prove.

  3. He said he is smarter than casino and casinos are dumb but the fact is not. If it is, he would have been a multi millionaire!

Guess what too, i have not been telling people stuff , only after i found out he had been a scammer! I have a friend paid for him for a course too and he is the guy who literally tell everyone about the information on social media haha but he never made a single penny off roulette.

The roulette computer looks tiny! Where do you buy it?

It is called the FFV, you can but it at