Any shortcut to find a good wheel?

After lots of reading on this forum, I think every wheel has different scatter. Is there any way to find a good wheel without randomly taking hundreds of spins of data froma a wheel at first apart from the followings?

I notice the ball is less “bouncy” on some wheels despite the same ball is used, not sure why and those seems to have better scatter. I also notice that single or double dominant diamond has better scatter than level wheel. From the forum, i notice that the bigger and heavier the ball is being used, usually the scatter is also better.

There is a shortcut. The shortcut comes from analyzing tens of thousands or even hundred thousands of spin data and seeing the correlation between the data and different conditions.

It is also important to observe the ball’s behaviour from hitting the dimaomd to resting on the winner.

I bet very few of the players will tell you easily what the shortcuts are. Yet is is very simple and straightforward once you see it.