Another challenge for Stefano!

Hi pig,

Now, you have demonstrated the uneffectiveness of your computer, i would like you to demonstrate the uneffectiveness of your custom variants. You know, your secret systems that even beats Cammegh Slingshot wheels, before the ball and wheel are spun.

So, i want you to predict before the wheel and ball are spun around 150 spins on your new MK7 wheel set level with a 18mm ivorine ball, like in the Casino. Before each spin occurs, i will tell you to apply the ball speed and wheel speed i’ve decided. I will say for example: ball 10 revolutions and wheel speed around 3 seconds. You announce your predictions before i’ve said the ball and wheel speed, then spin. We release the prediction scatter you get on message boards and on my website to embarrass me?.

Believe it or not Stefano, i really like our relationship because I am having a lot of fun making yourself look stupid in front of so much people. I am having an erection each time it happens. LoL

PS: You said you were available Thursday at 3 pm. I am also available this day. We even can begin earlier (like 2:30 pm your time) if you believe beginning at 3pm your time is too short.

PPS: I agree to slap myself each time your prediction is within 18 pockets sector. But i want you to slap also your big jaws each time the ball will be outside the 18 pockets sector.

Let’s have some fun imbecile!.


Ask Stefano to let you an access to VLS where you 2 can talk as much as you want.
There is no point, he is writing something on other forums where he blocked you and you are replaying here.

  1. it is not very practical way
  2. we are not interested in scam.